I spent the day yesterday with a bunch of realists!
And I could not wait to get out of the realistic energy field…Seriously!
I felt totally drained by the constant reminder of the here, now, facts, and probability for the future. I got told several times that my dreams were “great but not realistic right now”!
I make my dreams realistic. If you don’t believe in your dreams then how are they going to come into your world. If you don’t put any weight, time, and energy out for them then you are saying you don’t believe in yourself and God enough that you will be provided for in the end. You have to put your BUTT on the LINE ….

And I’m not talking the “but, but, but’s”
I’m talking to put your money, time, energy and anything else you care about on the line because you KNOW it’s going to work. Truly stepping into your dreams and manifestations. Visualizing, tasting, and acting as if they are already there with you.

I used to thrive on reality. The truth is I can jump straight into logic with the best of them and as I do I find my vibe lowering. I find my manifesting power being sucked out of me. When I focus too much on reality then what happens to me and I bet it happens to you as well is that the world becomes dull!

Yes, the world becomes dull because it begins to lose it’s playfulness, it’s magic, and passion. It is unfortunately what most of Western society is walking around in….. wake up, go to work, make money at a job you hate, go home, numb out, go to sleep and start all over again!

Because that is what we are told we “should do”. That is how we create “stability” and become “responsible adults”.

I want NO PART of that reality. I want no part of hearing how I can’t do something or make something work.

I’m not talking about ignoring reality to the point that you are a harm to yourself or others in your life.

But I am talking about dreaming your dream. Believing in yourself. And not caring what everyone around you thinks about your passion. I’m talking about not limiting yourself with your or anyone else’s ego, doubts, and fears.

You are so very POWERFUL!!! You just have to believe it!



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