Open up your heart beautiful
Open up to your vulnerability
Open up to your sex

And only then will you open up to the life that is meant for you.

I know you’ve been burned in the past. But the past isn’t today and the more you continue to drag around that armor…

The less you are truly living.
I know it’s scary AF!

You don’t even realize all the layers of armoring and self-protection that you’ve created.

You guard your chest making it impossible to get even close to that beautiful heart that has been known to shine so bright. The heart that is screaming to be loved and touched at a deeper level.

Your genitals are shut down and in energetic protection mode from all that could intrude on your vulnerability, your shut-downs to receiving, and your the massive energy that could rattle you awake slipping up from your core.

You stand there wanting, wishing, desiring.
You verbalize wanting it.
You even “do the things”
But beautiful its the energy that needs to open

It’s never the little daily tasks
It’s about feeling and ALLOWING the energy to overtake you
Allowing yourself to breathe into the moments of fear where you are at the cusp of leaning deeper.

And yes it’s scary to allow yourself to open up in places that you have been hurt in the past and to allow your energetic armor to fall away.

But unless you go there….
And I truly mean GO THERE

Allowing yourself to surrender into your sex and let the energy move up your spine in awakening

Allowing your heart to be touched and to soak in love… and feel it, be with it, and allow it to love back

Allowing yourself to stand in the land of vulnerability where you don’t have all the answers but you’re being authentic within your core

Then you won’t achieve all the greatness
You won’t taste the things that you are starving for and that your soul is screaming for you to open too

Instead, you will take the path that leads to more shut down… more resentment… more sadness and depression… and that feeling of knowing that you could have had more.

You will settle for the unlived life!
And that should be unacceptable to you!!
You have so much more to offer this world….yourself…and the divine.

It takes a moment to moment decision to continue to drop the armor. To allow. To release and relax into your life. To let what will be JUST BE.

And more than anything to allow yourself to feel daily…
No! Every moment!!!
The unconditional love of life.
The unconditional love of your spirit.

Because your armor can’t withstand a constant leaning into love.
You will watch as it all falls away in a beautiful harmony.

Go find the places you are armored.
The places that need love
The spaces that need your authenticity.
And begin stepping in and stepping up!

You’ve got this beautiful soul!


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