These pictures were taken right before I started my personal tantric work and hired my mentor.

I remember thinking I was happy. I was still teaching dance and on my went to our annual recital where I also was performing (hence the weird bow).

That girl is not the woman that stands before you today.
My connection to my sex was non-existent!
My connection to my body was only from the standpoint of hatred and anger.
I lived in a state of overworking as a therapist, dance teacher, and nanny.

I didn’t like myself, might as well LOVE myself.

It is amazing how connecting with your body
Reawakening your sex
And learning to really love yourself

Can truly change your entire life.

I don’t look the same physically after my tantra journey. My body structure itself has changed. No diets, No extra working out! Only sex, self-love, and body/mind/spirit connection.

And more importantly…
Look at the eyes.
My eyes are alive now.
I wake full of energy and excited for whatever adventures my life is going to hold for me.
I eat what feels good
I move my body in soul feeding ways
And I connect with my sex with reverence.

So when people brush off the power of tantra as simply a way to boost the bedroom or diminish the power of working on your sex as part of our journey’s.

I think back to the girl in this picture because she was being called for a life beyond what she was living and took the steps to start that journey.

Like I see over and over again with my clients…
Tantra works and changes someone in so many ways and

And so when people tell me that they are happy…
But their eyes are empty
Their energy is dead
I remember being there…

Pretending to be happy or truly being unaware of what true joy and happiness feels like. Going along with the crowd and thinking life was just meant to be constantly stressful and chaotic.

But it doesn’t have to be like that…
But it does take a decision.
A decision to trust in a better like.
A decision to take a leap of faith into the unknown
A decision to get vulnerable with self and also with a teacher of some kind to guide you.

Because without my coach and mentors guidance through the beginning of my journey I would never have made the progress I was meant to make….

No one is self-made….

We were meant to connect, learn, and love each other and open to love.

When we do that our life changes in gorgeous and juicy ways that are soul-led.

So yes… I do believe tantra can change a life because I’m evidence of it and I watch my clients validate that evidence to me each and every day.

Go reawaken your life….

Recover your life!

Light, love, & Blessings,


Ready to stop settling for normal?
Desiring the extraordinary?
Know you were meant to live for more than what is currently in your life?

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