You are being given a second chance to feel
You are being given the opportunity to heal and move through this energy and these experiences.
You are being given a chance to turn this whole thing around and bring it back to where it was meant to be.
But will you?
Will you choose to move forwards or like so many will you choose to hang onto what has happened in the past…

Your hurts, hangup’s and insecurities.
Your beliefs and doubts regarding self and this world
Yes, the world you have chosen to create because we are the manifestors of our current reality… as good or bad as it is.
In truth, if you want to fix your world then look no further than between your two ears and then send that focus down into presence in the body.
But right now… in this moment…
You have a chance!
Repeat the old patterns or create anew.
It’s easy to fall into old energies. We get caught in our feelings and memories regarding where we have been but lose sight of what could be.
And sometimes God brings us something more than once…
People reappearing in our lives
Anniversaries of events
Similar situations repeating
Or memories getting triggered
Sometimes this feels FANTASTIC because they are welcome
But often these are not necessarily “feel good” moments
But they can be.
They can be turned into these beautiful moments where we are given a glorious opportunity to make a different choice or look at something a different way.
Sometimes this is the way that we are pushed in the direction we are meant to go…
But if we are not taking the time to be aware then we can lose these glorious moments.
Yes, they can be moments where we are ripped by grief or fear or other less comfortable emotions. But we can still be aware that opportunity lies in the moment.
But first you must begin seeing your life as an opportunity… the meetings, the situations, the experiences…
Each and every one of them
Begin realizing that there is always a lesson to be learned from our daily interactions.
And once we have gotten into this practice we will begin to see the moments where we are simply being rewakened to old beliefs/situations/experiences in order to heal… to grow… to expand… and to raise our vibration.
Are you catching these moments?
Are you realizing when they come around?
Or are you stepping right back into the negative energy where you left off?
Life is filled with beautiful redo’s in disguise…
Don’t miss these moments!
Get attuned with your lessons by tuning into soul!
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Everyone loves a good present!!! … and Presence
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