You’re letting your spark die for comfort

You can still remember the days when you felt truly and utterly ALIVE!!!

The times when you were turned on at every turn by life and the world felt new.

Those days when each and every day held a new adventure, a new thing to learn, a new fit of laughter.

When you lived on the constant edge of your comfort zone and all that that brings with it!

Now you are solid. Your are grounded. You are happy and grateful.

But the spark has died in your eyes. The world has lost a bit of its luster. You find it hard to find that feeling of newness anywhere.

Been there… done that…

Life is good.
You realize all the blessings that are pouring down over you each and every day. Yet you hunger for that feeling of MORE.

You begin to wonder if it is even possible to feel that way again and to explore even greater depths.

You’ve settled.
And you’ve built up walls.

You’ve settled for love that fits so much of what you need and desire in many ways… but if you’re honest is falling flat.

You’ve settled for good enough sex instead of the kind of sex that leaves you feeling reborn each morning and in anticipation.

You’ve stopped even seeing the luster in those closest to you… seeking only the new in your attention. Leaving behind not just your luster but theirs as well. Not arousing yourself and therefore not arousing those around you.

You’ve settled for giving away the luster in order to have comfort. You turn to others and say that you don’t care, its not your desire, you’re happy, you’re joyful… but in the quiet of your mind… you know that you are giving yourself away.

Maybe not a huge piece but an important piece.

You’ve given away your spark to maintain. To not rock the boat. To dim yourself just a tad in order to fit the mold.

Yet deep in your heart you want the MORE. You want that flicker and spark. You want the heart fluttering feeling.

You desire the moon and stars but have settled for just the moon… and you tell yourself you should be perfectly happy and content here. Yet you can’t lie to your soul!

You want to be led
You want to be taken
You want to be allowed to surrender
You want to laugh with true abandon
You want to be introduced to a new level of pleasure

You know it… and God knows it. I
t’s where your beautiful spark lies. That missing piece to all the amazingness that you have swirling around you. The key.

That inner hidden light that was meant to spark the world.
In order to rebirth it you have to look deep within your soul… look yourself in the eyes and catch even the tiniest piece. Lean into the slight nudgings of your soul. And get honest about where you are settling. And then shake those areas up a bit. Love yourself enough to know that the spark is there for re-ignition when you are ready.

I just beg you not to forget that it’s there and to bury it beneath your comfort.


In truth this can be some of the hardest work we do… when things are good and sometimes great but we know that that have the potential to be even more magnificent. Do we stay the course or keep growing and expanding?

Our lives are cyclical and so there are times of sparks, adventures, and expansion. Then there is also a time of nurturing and feeding that leads to the expansion. Though we must be careful not to get stuck in the comfort of “good enough”.

When things are awful we know we need to change and we have the push. The benefits outweigh the potential cost. Though when things are really going well but there is the little nudge internally, a nudge that there is more, well that can be when it’s harder to reach for that spark . There is often a perceived higher cost.

But as we head into the New Year and new decade…
I implore you to take a few minutes and look yourself deep in the eyes for a few minutes. I ask you to see that spark that IS present in your eyes and soul. And then ask yourself how you could be shining brighter. Ask yourself where do you need to go over the next few months to make that tiny inner spark, arousal, and turn on a raging fire!

This isn’t necessarily about flipping your whole world upside down (although it might be) but it’s about tapping into the newness and excitement that each day brings. It’s about tapping back into that 10% you’ve left behind but that could be the key to your true BLISS.

~Happy New Years and a Blessed Decade~

Addison Bell


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