A flow state is one of the best feelings in the world, when you are able to tap into your core and follow your feelings. Those moments when everything positive is coming your way including energy, money, inspiration and motivation. These are the times when we want to capture the feeling of alignment and ride it forever.

That being said, life is not only sunshine and rainbows. We at times get hit with contrast in our situation that knocks us out of alignment with our positive feelings, as well as placing mental blocks and energetic barriers in our way. So what do we do then?

Some would say follow the next best feeling and while this is sometimes exactly the path to awakening our inspiration, energy, and positive feelings, sometimes this simply isn’t good enough and the path we need to forge requires some force.

If we look at our society there is a massive gap between generations. Those that were raised to put their nose to the grindstone and force life, even if you are miserable while doing it. Then there are those that believe we should only follow our flow and do what makes us feel good.

‘Forcing yourself’ to do anything these days is seen as self-abuse and anti-spiritual. When it is required at times in our lives when feeling stuck and have entered a consistent negative pattern. For any flow to begin it requires some action, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical action and force is sometimes required to kick this action off.

Forcing ourselves doesn’t mean that we have to be mean or unloving to ourselves, it simply means we recognize our potential to achieve better and are no longer making it negotiable. Our human nature is to keep ourselves in a state of comfort, meaning that there will be times that we must force ourselves to step into the uncomfrotable in order to rediscover our flow.

Though following our flow and the ‘feel good’ is essential as well, because when we are spending our entire lives forcing life begins to feel like a chore. We need to focus on rising our vibration and making sure our lives feel good and worth living to us. Creativity is found in the flow space, as well as love, joy, inspiration, and excitement. Force won’t ultimately provide these.

The key is that we can allow fore and flow to work in harmony and begin to close the gap.

A personal example of this would be when I find myself with writer’s block. At first I will allow myself to flow with it for a few days, while working to focus on following the things that make me feel good. In this time I see if I find inspiration or my writer’s flow naturally. However, if this goes on for longer than a few days of time I will realize that the only way back is to force myself to write… ANYTHING. I sit my butt at my desk and refuse to get up until I begin to have the words flow. A few days of forcing myself to do it, even if it’s not my best work, always leads to more flow in the long run. The reason being that I know I feel better when I am writing consistently but for one reason or the other have hit some internal block. I begin with forcing myself to do something that I know in the long run will lead to connecting once again with myself and thus my flow.

The reason we have such a gap is that many are often unaware when they should be allowing themselves to flow and when a bit of force is required, and that answer can only be discovered by knowing yourself internally. Without self-awareness it is difficult to notice when flow is being used to avoid bigger goals and when force is used to consistently barrel over mental struggles that need to be addressed.

Force and the flowing ‘feel good’ can both be used to enhance our lives or bring us more discontent. Laziness and numbing can ‘feel good’ and constant force can feel like an accomplishment. Like with any energies. It is the balancing between the two extremes when we often find the sweet spot.

The way to find that ‘sweet spot’ can only be found with greater self-awareness. This only comes from embracing all our emotions and yet learning to manage them. Seeing our emotional blocks and wounds, but still truly loving ourselves despite. Only when we can tune into our centers will we know if the answer is to flow with our current situation or a time to force action.

The answer lies within.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell