Resistance is Beautiful & Divinely healing….🥰
That is if we choose to allow ourselves to welcome it
Feel it in our very bodies and energetic frequency
And then see beyond it to the lesson it is try to teach 🔥

When we are committed to any journey of expansion then we will have to face our inner shadowlands. These shadowlands, desire to keep us small and not living our most orgasmic life.
But if we want to have a more blissful bedroom… relationship… business… body… or really ANYTHING…
We must process through the resistance
And it always comes with belief systems and feelings that need to be worked through in order to level up for GOOD.
If you find yourself in the struggle today and wanting to run from your goals/desires…
Then breathe into the resistance and recognize that it’s there as a divinely beautiful teacher for your next steps.
Instead of seeing it as a “struggle”, see it as a GIFT 🎁
🔥 Grab the Fire Within 🔥
If you’re done with struggling and are ready for a fully guided transformation, then I invite you beautiful soul to book a 1:1 hour consultation with me.
I’ll provide clarity and direction for your next orgasmic steps.