There is a boat… are you on it?
Often times clients will sit in front of me and share that they are missing passion, excitement, and true desire in their lives. They look around and their world feels boring and mundane.
As we begin to dive into coaching work it often becomes clear that they aren’t allowing dreams and desires into their reality. They sit there stating they want to be happier and to live an orgasmic life… but they don’t stop to dream about what that ideal life would truly look like for them.

They aren’t allowing themselves to sail away on the boat of dreams!!!
Instead they are focused on “reality” and thinking of the reasons something couldn’t work. Getting sucked into the planning, plotting, and scheming.
But what happened to the DREAMING!!!
I remember as a child wanting so badly to travel. I wanted to see and experience the world. I wanted to taste the cuisine, meet the people, and be able to stick my feet in the ocean.
Though as I grew up, I began packing on all the reasons that this could not be a reality. Ten years ago I had never been out of the country and had done very little travel inside the United States. All I could see was all the excuses of time, money, and responsibilities.
So I didn’t even allow myself to dream.
I shut my desires down to the point of not even being able to really tune in…
Years ago, as I began working on my desires in all aspects of my life, I re-found this deep yearning to travel amongst the ignition of a million other desires. I started tuning into this desire and couldn’t help but dream.
Now it is a weekly thing that I am dream-boating about my next desired travel location and I’m not just dreaming… I’m traveling consistently to beautiful new locations!
I see the beautiful places. I think about eating the yummy new foods. I get lost in the sensation of laughing until my belly aches with those I love to take on my travels. I think about the excitement and the adventures that I want. I sit and allow myself to tap into the feelings and sensation of sitting on a warm beach mid day.
I take the anchor out of my own dreams and let myself float away in wonderment. Then, amazingly, I find myself in these beautiful locations as law of attraction kicks in and brings me my desires.
Now, for me I enjoy doing this with travel but many of my clients are desiring other things such as amazing sex, orgasmic relationships, or a new career.
My suggestion to them is… Dream Boat!!
The thing is that so many adults have lost that child-like part of them that just allows the free flow of desire and dreaming to commence. The free flow of sensation and idea. The tuning into the call of the soul.
Instead trying to make things realistic. Trying to stay overly grounded in order to not get disappointed or be seen as a
dreamers” , which leaves a lack of passion and excitement in our lives. Without true dreaming… our lives lose the needed spark.
Allow yourself to get lost in the sensations and the feelings. Fantasize about what you are desiring and drop all belief systems about not being able to make it happen. Don’t worry about the intricacies of the how. Just dream in order to dream and feel good.
This is how we gain clarity about what we are wanting.
This is how we tune into the desires and passion deep down inside of ourselves.
If you don’t spend time dreaming then your life will be missing the flow. It will be missing the magical aspect that comes about when we connect to the deeper sensations of our desires.
It’s how we circumnavigate our negative belief systems that will pull you down. It’s how you build momentum of belief. Its how you simply allow yourself to be the next level you!
You can dream boat a relationship
You can dream boat a sex life
You can dream boat a new career
You can dream boat a new house
All that matters is that you take the time to go outside of your everyday life and expand into something more!!
Stirring your passions, purpose, and desire!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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