Closed hearts never lead to beautiful and abundant lives.

Your heart is shut down and locked up tight
You commit to never giving anyone the key again
You’ve been hit with emotional arrows throughout your life and have decided to take the safe route.

You may have decided this when you were very young or it could be a culmination across the years. But here you stand with your heart closed and safely protected.

But yet there is a small voice inside that won’t let up and cries for love… cries for beauty… cries for passion!

But without your heart NONE of this is possible!

Passion comes from the heart
Beauty comes from the heart
Love come from the heart

Meaning you won’t ever fully be on your manifestation game and will never fully feel the sensation of gratitude. Which gratitude is the creator of MORE in our lives.
Your creativity will never flow at the level it could because it will be missing the passion of the heart.


You can’t find true love without cracking open your heart. You won’t ever truly love your partner.
You won’t ever truly love your friends.
You won’t ever even truly love your kids.

You don’t get to have a fully expansive heart in one relationship but close it down in the rest of your life. Living in heart scarcity and fear permeates your entire life.

And no one will ever truly love you!

You don’t get to close down the most important aspect of self and be loved …

Because no one will ever fully know you and see you. We can’t fully love someone that is half in hiding.

The arrows of pain and hurt that we experience throughout our lives often convince us that it’s better to stay safe and unfortunately we listen to others who wear these same wounds as they validate these distorted messages.

So we try to quiet that inner voice that wants more…
Those aspects of self that want to be fully seen, known, and accepted. But that is our soul calling!

It won’t ever give up on us. Our soul will continue to rage and fight to be heard. It wants our hearts open!!

In truth we don’t get through life without some arrows of pain and heartbreak. But we do get to choose what we do with the pain and the wounding.

We can crack our hearts open little by little. See the places where we are closed up and instead choose to take a chance.

We first must begin by trusting in ourselves and allowing ourselves to see self. Loving the darkness. Loving the light. Loving the power that resides in each of our hearts.

Because when we fully trust self then we don’t fear the arrows outside because we know we will make it through and we can tap into that heart energy to see us through the hard times.

But that requires the constant cleansing and cracking off of the barriers we’ve created. It requires us to see our arrows of pain that are still stuck in our chest… and love those too!

Life with a locked up heart is not much of a life!
Even when the things we are claiming to want come around if we are closed off then they can’t enter our lives.

But a heart-filled life is always worth it and is our best chance at calling in our desires and the things truly meant for us.

Today I challenge you to look within and put the tiniest crack in your armor. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to giving and receiving love even the tiniest bit. Then continue to do that every single day for the rest of your life… and see how your life really does flow in the most beautiful of ways.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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