Why do we second-guess our desires? Shaming, Judging, and Dismissing?

I sit creating an amazing vision board of my dream life.
The life I desire to create.
The life I WILL create.

Although so many of my dreams have come true in the last few years… I still yearn for more.

My wandering heart just won’t be silenced. It wants more!!!
More love, more sex, more travel, more laughter, more play, more experiences, and yes more things!

Yet as I stop the creating process for a moment and look over it….
I scare myself!
“Wow”, I think! That’s A LOT!

I start judging my heart desires.
I start dismissing my heart desires
I start questioning my ability to manifest my heart desires….
and thus the ability of the Universe to be able to provide!

I am able to quickly move out of it because I do believe and know that I will continue to create an amazing life for myself…
The life where I love my work, my relationships, and my life in general!

Though it is so common for us to stop and stifle our own desires.

The very desires that God placed right in our hearts
The desires that our soul is calling to
The desires that even yes our bodily flesh call to

Really desires that feed us and nourish us

I want you to picture a life without desires.
A life that you only do, use, and get exactly what you NEED… no more, no less.

Though more than what that life would look life… imagine how empty that life would FEEL.

Nothing pushing for…
Nothing to work for…
Nothing to hope for…
Nothing to dream about…

And in truth it feels to me like a life very devoid of God

I’m depressed even contemplating it!

Because yes it might ache sometimes to look at the things you yearn for but isn’t it DIVINE when you get it!

Isn’t it so yummy to feel yourself opening and allowing your flow and continuing to step in!

Isn’t it nice to know that there is so much available to you?

And for me it’s so nice to know it’s simply on it’s way!
Because it is!

If it is in my heart as a true desire then I know it’s been put there for a reason and that reason is that it’s available to me. It just requires me to ask and open!

Plus, it’s just fun to have a nice daydream about how things look. What it will feel like!

It’s simply a choice in how you are choosing to look at your desires. Are you choosing to look at them with excitement/passion mindset or with scarcity/despair mindset!

Feel your desires
Taste your desires
Smell your desires
And then
Live your desires!

Wishing you all ABUNDANCE!

Love, Light, & Blessings


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