It is seeping off of you and leaving a stink in the air.
I watch as your eyes change to a dark green color and are shooting fire around the space.
And your oh so beautiful heart has a cloud of darkness that has fallen over it.

But it’s love.
But it’s caring.
But it’s not your fault.

You deny it and point to others in a sad mirroring process.

The green-eyed monster of jealousy is taking over your body and the energy radiates to everyone surrounding you.

And it’s not sexy and it’s most definitely not loving!

It’s controlling….

It’s you wanting to have complete and utter control over what another person has or is doing. It is you not wanting another to have something if you can’t have it too.

It’s scarcity focused…

It’s you stepping into the idea that there is not more than enough with plenty left over and thus creating that energy in your life. It’s you thinking that if someone else is getting love, affection, or attention then that is taking away from you and yours.

It’s filled with victimhood…

It’s you stepping into old programs and beliefs that you can’t have (blank) because (blank) reason and usually it is some kind of victimhood answer. In some way someone else or the world is the perpetrator of why you aren’t happy or receiving in the moment.

The sad thing is that many in our world view jealousy as a form of showing love. When it is the exact opposite because it isn’t loving to the other person or to self.

You think that if your partner is jealous then that means that they truly want and love you when in truth it is that they haven’t dealt with their own insecurities. Instead of dealing they are trying to control, even if just in their energy.

You think by showing jealousy that you will get more attention or show the other person that you love them. You think you are showing their importance in your life. When instead you are showing the self-centered importance of your own ego.

Often you don’t even speak the words. You simply send off this heavy and controlling energy that can be felt by all around and your eyes change. There is a negative energetic pull for those in your presence.

And sometimes this might work for you and you might have a past pattern of this playing out well but this energy usually shows itself in a big way in the long run.

Instead of pulling your loved one closer you are simply pushing them further and further away in true love. And if they have any sense they see this game for what it truly is…

Your Green-Eyed Monster!

Now, if we get really real here…

I hate when people will tell me they never get jealous. It shows a lack of awareness and presence in ones own emotions.

As humans we all get jealous. It actually can be a wonderful emotion in terms of learning where we still need to grow and to heal in our lives. It can be a ground of growth and expansion. If we are honest about our jealousy in relationships and begin to work through the emotions and do our inner work then it can strengthen a relationship.

More than even a relationship to another… it strengthens our relationship to ourselves. Experiencing a moment of jealousy is not the problem!

It’s what you do with that knowledge and awareness once it comes to the light.

If you turn it outwards on another then you are not healing the foundational beliefs and thoughts that have created that emotion. If you turn it inwards in a self-attacking mode then you are again not healing and simply playing the victim.

Now if you see it… feel it.. get curious about it… and then go and do the work around it…

Then you are growing!

If your jealousy is coming out in a relationship, towards material possessions, money, freedom, etc. then

Look at your core beliefs about your own worthiness and ideas of scarcity..

But let’s get clear…

If your jealousy is coming out in a relationship…
It’s not and never will be LOVE!

Don’t allow your partners to use this excuse
Don’t allow yourself to use this excuse.
Don’t twist love!

Love is Love.

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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