Recreating the Wound
A few years back I heard the phrase, “If you don’t heal what hurt you. You will bleed on people that didn’t cut you”.
It stayed with me and deeply resonated with much of what I see in my business and personal life.
People having experiences of abandonment, abuse, trauma, infidelity, etc. and it changes them deeply. Creating a wound that is translated to insecurity, lack of worthiness, and lack of trust.
This creates a spiral of energies that impact those that are in our world. We work to build relationships and while building we carry the luggage of past wounding. We take it and place it front and center in between ourselves and other people in our lives…

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Captivated in the Witnessing

I stood before a gorgeously decorated bathtub. Rose petals adorned the sides while some floated on the frothy surface of fragrant bubbles. The entire room was dancing in the firelight of candles surrounding the room.

I could feel the energy of other beside me as we looked upon a scene of deep romance and healing. The sexual energy was palpable but the spiritual energy of this moment is what took my breath away.

The healing of each movement as energy was swirled and orgasm was happening without touch. The words that were being spoken healing my witnessing soul.

Two souls did a dance of divine healing within this tub

I swayed with the kundalini energies within as I cleared my own blocks within and hit the gamet of emotions.

The healing was in the witnessing of a powerful transformation happening with another but translating to a similar transformation within myself.

Feeling changed forevermore as I watched the session come to a close and the soul dance take its final few steps. Read more

Silence can be beautiful and golden

Or silence can cut you like a knife

You can sit with those you love and share a moment of truth and understanding.

Heart to heart

Soul to soul

This deeper awareness of the interconnected nature of the human spirit. Sitting and reveling in the peace and the energies that are stirred.

At times traveling to other times and spaces with the energy

At other times sitting in the here and now simply being in all your “beingness”

Yet there is another kind of silence

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She felt the call to rise from the ashes.
As the cycle starts once again and the ashes come together to meld into an ember
And that ember then turns into a flame
A call from her soul to burn away the old and allow the passion behind her fire to be released. A fire that builds her wings and allows her to soar.
She feels the fear wash as she sees the fire start to build within her core and watch as it rolls and unfolds throughout her body.

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Tale as old as time….

I feel as my body melts into the ground below me as I become one with the earth. My breath begins to expand out and each exhale shakes the energies within.

I am engulfed by this energetic snake as it slides up my torso, leaving behind it a trail of fire and yet euphoric sensations throughout not just my physical body but my energetic body. Read more

“I won’t open my legs up for a man that, at this moment, I wouldn’t open my arms for. ”

I took a deep breath.
I felt this woman’s statement to me but more than that I felt the energy of sorrow behind it.
I felt the energy of all the women past and present in my life.

These words that stir and bring to me the image of the ferocious feminine as well as the internal hunger of a woman not feeling fed.

I breathed in a sense of deep understanding in that moment. Read more

You are doing the work.
I see you…
I know you are doing all the things!
You are meditating
You are working your energy
You are doing the journaling… the classes… the videos
You are internally choosing to refocus when you feel yourself drifting to those things that are not aligned.

So the problem isn’t that you aren’t taking the action.
You are amazing at doing the things and while you sometimes feel a stirring of fear, you consistently are willing to do the work on self. Read more

Sexual Trauma.
It sticks with you… for life.
You can work through it and still you can come back around and need to heal it at a new level.
Trauma changes the brain for good.

Changing the very fabric of who we are through experience but also through how our nervous system interacts with the world.

Recently a past trauma has reemerged in my body.
Spirit and my body are ready to work through it and heal at a next level and so it is making itself known once again to my awareness.

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I laid near friends as we all looked at a sky full of stars.
On this clear autumn evening the view was breathtakingly clear, as the chill was held off by my warm blankets, and everything surrounding me seemed exquisitely vibrant.
Each person shared what they were seeing in the same sky.
One saw the sky arranging into a gorgeous lotus flower.
Another was focused on the shooting stars as they left trails behind.
I simply felt like the stars were coming down to dance with me and there was more stars than sky.
I took a deep breath and relaxed into what I was experiencing.

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I’m doing this for me!
I’m doing this because it is what I need whether you are behind it or not.
I’m doing this because this is how I’m going to grow and expand.
I’m doing this to get back to being me.

And pieces you can be a part of if you so choose and can hold my hand and we can walk together.
And parts of this are none of your business.
And I don’t want you with me. Moments that I need to experience with myself or another soul. Read more