πŸ’‹I Can’t Feel You…
There we were…
Making out like teenagers and the energy was hot!
He was taking his time with my body and I was reveling in all the kisses and caresses that we were sharing.
Every touch felt like a glorious fire on my skin. πŸ”₯
And I was in energetic flow with each stroke across his body.
I was oh, so ready for us to take this beyond a hot make-out session to something even deeper and connective. ✨✨
He leaned in to kiss me as penetrated me and then…
😦A switch flipped. Where did he go?
Where was the fire? The passion?
Was he really inside of me?

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Harsh Truth!!

You look outwards darling…

When the problem is within yourself.

You have disowned this aspect of self because it is something you don’t want to see…

You throw this blame and paint others the way that fits your narrative. You find others to support and misconstrue

You even go as far as to create situations that validate these viewpoints so that you can stay safe and cozy in your misconceptions.

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πŸ₯ΊYou can NOT love yourself and hate your sex! 🀭
Your sexuality is a piece of who you are as a human being having an experience in your very human body.
Our sexual center is a space of creativity, passion, and pleasure. πŸ’ƒ
When we disengage from this juicy energy then we are disempowering ourselves by cutting off some of the very gifts that make life orgasmic.
And our sexual energy and sexuality is a piece of us.
It’s a massive aspect that REQUIRES LOVE.
We can do all the journaling prompts…
Read all the self-help books…
Go to all the workshops under the sun…
Drive ourselves mad with affirmations…
And at the end of the day, if you are not making friends with your pussy and all the divine power she holds….
πŸ’‹(Yes, true “pussy pals”) πŸ’‹
Then you are not ever going to reach a true space of self-love.
Believe me, take it from someone that used to abhor her sex and thus herself…
πŸ’₯When you reawaken to your sex, you reawaken to your life and can finally grab that beautiful vibrant fire within your being. πŸ’₯
And you will find a deeper level of self-love and self-connection than you ever thought possible.
But it starts with stopping the LIES that you love yourself when you hate your sex… and thus yourself.
Own where you are at and then make the changes.
πŸ”₯Grab the Fire Within! πŸ”₯
Are you craving that deeper love and wanting to bust out of the lack-luster, boring AF life?
Are you finally ready to claim your orgasmic pleasure?
And power?
πŸ‘‰Leave an πŸ”₯ Emoji below ladies and I will reach out to you for a quick chat on how to claim your orgasmic life.
The time is now.
Your pleasure is worth it. πŸ’œ
I’m a High Maintenance Woman… πŸ’ƒ
The most magnetic, interesting, dynamic women are high maintenance. πŸ”₯πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€πŸ’…
I look around at the women that shine the most light and they are women that are focused on maintaining self.
I hear men share that they don’t desire a high maintenance woman all the time but what does that really mean??

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“You’re safe here”

I breathed as he worked to move some energy that was stuck in my heart chakra. I heard words and the energy of safety and he opened up a beautiful space for surrender for me.

He was in his true divine masculine and doing everything ‘right’.

I wasn’t feeling blocked with him or like he couldn’t handle my breakdown because I knew he would hold me as the tears would stream and the sobs rang out.

This divine masculine would be there.

But in this moment I couldn’t handle my own breakdown.

I had built a wall a mile high internally to truly feeling the depth of these feelings. I wasn’t willing to surrender to myself in the moment.

And before the divine feminine can surrender to the divine masculine… she first must surrender to herself.

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Maybe you’re wrong about your sex…
Ladies, many of you have bought this idea that you have a pleasure ceiling…
“I have a low sex drive”, “I’m not orgasmic”, “I just don’t like sex”, “I’m not sensual/sexual”, etc.
Many sit believing they have reached their peak in their sexuality, and more than even their sexuality but the level of passion and pleasure they can experience.
The fact is… you are right because you’ve decided.
Talking about the blocks to our sex lead us straight back to the pleasure blocks in our lives as a whole.
In truth, I care very little HOW much sex you are having, in what position, what kind of preferences you have, etc.
The real meat of the issue is not this surface level aspects of your sex.

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Thank you for my story!
After some business calls today, I sat enjoying nature and breathing in LIFE.
The entirety of the beautiful, crazy, exciting, and sometimes scary pieces that make up life.
While I was pondering this crazy little thing called life, I sat thinking about my story. It’s often that I can minimize and forget how very powerful my life and the stories wrapped within my life have been.
I think it’s pretty natural that once we haver climbed a particular mountain, it just don’t seem so big anymore. While we might stop and think about that time we rarely give ourselves the true credit for the strength and inner fire that it took to get through.
While others might wonder how we could overcome such a time or they disregard it since it is not their experience. We often get placed on a pedestal or dismissed by our fellow man.

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You are constantly defining self…
But what is your definition.
In daily human speech you use the words “I AM” more times that you might realize.
Meaning you are defining yourself over and over again throughout the day.
Owning who you are and planting a stake in that claim.
😳😳But what are you choosing to own? 🀭🀭
Are you owning your beautiful abundant self?
Your fire and passion?
Your core of light and love?
Or are you owning the things that are dragging you down?
The things that others have boxed you into or used to define you? And then you in turn took on as a ‘piece of you’?

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It is seeping slowly into our lives and thus our relationships
Killing our ability to grow and connect.

What is this ‘thing’ crashing our relationships?
Cancel culture.

Now, this in truth is not a new concept and its seen throughout our histories. When society starts deeming things and people not fit to be a part.

This creates a Group think dynamic and people always get hurt.
Let’s remember the Holocaust
or Japanese Internment Camps
And other atrocities of group think and cancelling people and ideas. Read more