Session Preparation Guide

Session Preparation Guide:

Thank you for trusting me to be your guide on this journey. Below is a preparation guide for our sacred time together:

Relax!– Sessions are meant to be enjoyable and to be a time where you can be wholly yourself. Prior to session take time to meditate, ground, spend time outside, or any other presence activities. Take time to engage in deep breathing prior and during session in order to feel your entire being.

Sleeping & Eating– Make sure to eat fresh and wholesome foods 24hrs prior to session. Consume plenty of fruits/vegetables and stay away from processed and fast foods. Drink a minimum of 64ounces of water and make sure you are rested (6-8hrs the night prior).

Sexual Activity– Please do not engage in any sexual activity 24hrs prior to session. This allows for you to preserve your energy and specifically your sexual energy. This includes intercourse and masturbation.

Hygiene– Please take a hot shower or bath immediately prior to coming to session. Do not wear any lotions, cologne/perfume, makeup, or aftershave the day of session. This allows for your body to be fully ready to receive the massage. It is not required but recommended that you trim pubic hair if male and shave if female. This will create an increase in sensation throughout the session.

Clothing– Wear comfortable and loose fitting to the session and a minimum of 24hrs prior.

Meditate, pray, ponder– Take time to focus on your Divinity and the experience you are seeking. Open all of your being to the experience.

Play– Have fun simmering in the idea of your session. It is normal to be anxious but do not take the session too seriously. This is meant to be an enjoyable and sensual experience.

Be Authentically You– Be who you are at your core. I want to see ALL of you during the session. Let go and allow the revealing of different dimensions of yourself. Please, please let your emotions and body do whatever you are desiring.  Experience the session to the fullest, don’t hold back. This is about you. Ask yourself during the session if you are trying to decide how to experience the moment and then let go.  Don’t decide, go with it. It is recommended you don’t restrain your impulses.  “Go with it….”  This is safe, private, time just for you to experience free of the outside world.

Draping– All sessions are unique and are slightly different. However, most sessions begin with breath work, and worshipping rituals. I will then gain permission to remove your garments (woman will be asked to remove their own garments as a method of self-empowerment and owning their desires). During the first session only you will be draped for the first portion and the draping will slowly be removed as session progresses. After all sensual massage techniques are complete I will begin to ground you and re-drape your body in order to remove any excess oil. The last 20mins of session is reserved for grounding, emotional release, processing, etc. All sessions vary depending on energy flow.


*I provide cold bottled water after each session and raw almonds/chocolate to help re-harmonize the physical body.

*Please do not drink to much fluid right before our session.

*Please know that I do not have a shower at my space for before or after showering.

*Please make sure that your invoice is paid in full prior to session or that you have cash on hand for session and take care of this first so that the rest of the session is without thinking on financial matters. If bringing cash to session, please let me know ahead of time that this is your desired form of payment.

* Text me when you first arrive and park: (469) 666-7380