Adventure Sessions / Field Trips

What is an adventure session? Anything you want it to be!

Adventure sessions are specialty sessions that are created for each unique individual. Even though sessions may have similar themes no two sessions are ever the same.

These sessions are reserved for individuals who are serious about wanting to take their growth and expansion to the next level. Adventure sessions allow you to explore different elements of yourself….your spirituality, your body, and your energy in new ways. Most leave these sessions feeling like they have a new take on their life in some way.

Adventure themed sessions can last between 2hrs-6hrs depending on energy.

Common Session Themes:

  • Rebirthing Session
  • Spiritual Bathing Session
  • Spirit Animal Session
  • Surrender Session
  • Integration With Nature
  • Seasons of Life Session
  • Play!
  • And many many more!!

Session prices vary depending on session location and needed supplies.

Special consultation and application is required prior to Adventure Session. Please inquire into Adventure Sessions on “Work With Addison” Application.

Testimonial- Psychedelic Awakening (Adventure Session Testimony)

Check out my personal sessions- “Birthing A Soul: A Session of Transformation” & “Birthing A Soul Part 2: Leaning Into Connection” to get a feel for an Adventure Session experience