One of my guilty pleasures is Facebook. I love looking at the inspirational quotes, the baby pictures of friends kids, silly quizzes, and just hearing what the people I care about are doing with their lives. Though as I look through posts and even talk to people in person they tell me how ready they are to be rid of 2016 and then go on to explain how horrible it was.

I find issue with this for several reasons. By bashing 2016 you are inadvertently creating more of that energy. You are telling the Universe, “Life sucks and nothing good happened this last year” and so that is exactly what you call more of into your life. As we go into the New Year and only focus on all the perceived negative elements of 2016 then we are sitting in a negative vibration when we start this brand new year. I don’t know about you but I want to start my year excited and hopeful for all the adventures and blessings coming my way.

Also, I take issue with bashing 2016 because it basically throws any gratitude for our lives out the window. If you can not find one thing to be grateful for in a whole years worth of experiences then you are in need of a serious ass kicking. EVERYONE can find something and hopefully hundreds of things that they are grateful for in the past year. That is not to invalidate all the challenges or grief that could have happened but it means to wake up and see that if we have air in our lungs and our heart is still beating then we still have something to be grateful for in our lives.

I am very aware that 2016 was a difficult for many people. I saw families fall apart this year, I saw a divided country based on politics, I saw people in pain seeking answers in all the wrong places, I saw friends at their breaking points, I saw celebrity after celebrity pass away, and I saw moments where I myself was curled up on the ground in a puddle of tears. However, what I also saw was babies being born, people picking themselves up again and again, I saw vulnerability at its finest, I saw people make huge strides in finding their path, I saw people treating people with kindness despite their political party, and personally I saw a huge amount of personal growth and love enter my life. This can all be true at the same time! I choose however to look at all the wonder that surrounded me this year.

Now my plans and what I am encouraging my clients to do instead of focusing on how “bad” 2016 was focus on making 2017 a Sex Centered year. No, no, I’m not saying go out and become a sex addict in the next year but I am saying to make your sexual energy your top priority! Tantra teachers for years have known and seen the importance of using our sexual energy in manifesting things into our lives. A few years ago everyone was talking about “Sex Magic” and using sex to create… and that is exactly what I am talking about doing for the upcoming year.

When we are playing and enjoying our lives we are sending positivity into the Universe that will create even more enjoyable moments. When you are in deep orgasmic energy, and your chakras are open, and you quite possibly have a lover in that same orgasmic state then you are filled with the potent power to create the life of your dreams. In that pure and raw state you will be soley focused on pleasure which will multiply into other areas of your life if you allow.

I delight in good, deep, connected sex and so I want more of that in 2017 because I also know that the more I play the more I live in my passion and the more I live in my passion the more I find doors swinging open in my life. Sex gives us pleasure and pleasure should be a prime focus in 2017. I’m not talking about the fast friction sex but the deeply connected sex where you are fully engaged and enraptured by the moment. These are the types of pleasures we need to be filling ourselves up with in order to grow and expand our lives. The kind of pleasure that bursts your heart open because of the joy it brings you and the kind of pleasure that makes you let down your defenses just a bit more. That is some amazing and powerful stuff right there!

For me when I say sex centered I don’t even necessarily mean always engaging in the physical act of sex. Although it could be fun to have wild passionate sex every night that isn’t always possible with daily lives. Though, in 2017 I want for myself be able to say that I walked around entirely connected to my body, my feminine energy, and my heart. I want to walk through my days with my Kundalini energy flowing freely and directing that energy in positive personal growth. That is also a vital component of living living a Sex Centered life.

I want this for all of you as well! Check out my coaching sessions and bodywork sessions to help you get on your own journey to living a more Sex Centered life in 2017! Don’t keep living the same year over and over again… make a change TODAY!

Authors note:

I want to express my gratitude for so much of 2016. I want to thank each and every one of my clients for allowing me to walk this journey with them and to know how honored I feel to be witness to their growth this past year. I want to thank the readers that have joined me over this past year to hear my voice, my teachings, and my stories. I want to say that I am wholly grateful for each of the lovers that I have talked about over the last year because each of them has touched me in some way and taught me lifelong lessons. No matter how much you already know you can always learn more if you just allow. I’m grateful for some hard times that I have experienced over the last year, some of which in the moment I didn’t think were possible to find the way through, but they have made me so much stronger and yet so much more tender towards life. I bow in complete gratitude to my teacher and friend this year for just being herself, continuing to inspire me, and helping me to see my own blindspots. I thank 2016 for memories that will be forever drilled into my brain from amazing sexual adventures, to exciting shows I got to see, to quite moments in silence with nature, to hugs and kind gestures that warmed my heart, to celebrating a milestone with my first tattoo, to the many faces that flash across my minds-eye. Thank you and Namasté.