Expansive Sex & Relationship Coaching Program


Sex is meant to be…. Magic, Spiritual, Connective, Pleasurable, Life Creating 


Relationships are…. Mirrors to ourselves, Life sustaining, Joyful, Growth Inducing



  • Do you feel out of tune with your body or your sexuality?
  • Do you struggle with body image?
  • Do you constantly feel empty and engulfed in sexual shame?
  • Are you struggling to orgasm?

You’re not alone! I’ve been there and lived in a state of sexual shame, lack of orgasm, body-image issues, and lack of libido. Its possible to break free!

These are common struggles for women and men of all ages in today’s world. We are not exposed often to the AMAZING benefits that divine, joyful sexing can bring into our lives. Oftentimes we will stick our heads in the sand about how much our sexing greatly impacts our relationships… and unfortunately this can break a relationship!

Average Western Woman today is sexually turned off and if she is having a “good enough” sex life then has not reached the level where she is truly experiencing all that her body has to offer. She has stored trauma, sexual shame, insecurities, and much of the time is having sex out of duty. She is experiencing physical and mental health problems. She is fatigued, hormonal, and not able to ever relax. Most days she feels unfulfilled and like something is missing from her life but never connects it to her SEX!

A Sexual Goddess is energized by her life and can’t wait for what wonderful things life has in store for her. She is just as ravenous about life as she is about her sexing. She views herself as a Sexual Goddess and is touch with her body, mind, and her greater life purpose. Her hormones are balanced, she feels good in her body, and is in touch with her feminine nature. She recognizes that the way she sexes is the way she lives her life!

Average Western Man today is sexually and emotionally disconnected. He works hard but never gets where he wants in his life. He is unable to please the women in his life and struggles in relationship. He has problems with erection/premature ejaculation and sex is not fulfilling. He craves to be able to experience and explore more of his sexuality. He is addicted to porn and sees sex as a stress release. Often he feels like he simply isn’t the MAN he wants to be.

A Sexual God ‘takes’ his woman and his life! He is able to create the life he wants and feels confident in his path. He is connected and can’t get enough of his woman. He has hour long orgasms and explores all areas of his sexuality and adventuresome nature. He recognizes the amazing power his sex and relationships have in his life. He feels stable and solid in his true masculine nature.

I want you to not strive for “good” sex but instead have Miraculous, Life-Changing, Soul-Opening, Heart-fulfilling Sex… and then do it again, and again!

Did you know that…

  • Men can be multi-orgasmic?
  • All women are Orgasmic
  • Women can experience 11+ different types of orgasms
  • Sex harmonizes moods, increases energy, and your immune system
  • There is a difference between ejaculation and orgasm for men
  • Sex can help manifest ANYTHING we desire in our lives!

I truly believe our sex is a mirror for the way we live the rest of our lives! So my mission is to not just to help you succeed in Sex/Relationships but to help you use your Sex/Relationships to succeed in LIFE!

Together we will:

  • Help you reconnect with yourself (body, mind, spirit) & to reconnect with all the relationships in your life (intimate, friends, work, etc)
  • Revitalize your Joy & Passion for Life!
  • Work through sexual issues, sexual shame, and awaken your desires
  • Discover where you are holding yourself back from living the life of your dreams
  • Cleanse your old belief systems, energy, and patterns
  • Go through education and ancient practices to build your Miraculous sex life
  • Discover your Expansive and Adventurous life
  • Help you to create relationships that make your heart burst with Joy and Connection


We will meet for a Consultation where we will discuss your particular needs/desires.


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In Office, Video, or Phone


But, But, But….

I’m partnered but want to do sessions alone…

That’s fine!  I will work with your personal needs and can teach you skills to take home if you desire. All sessions are confidential!

I’m single….

Awesome! What a great time to work on yourself. Learn to pull that desired relationship into your life, get in touch with your own body, and build your own sexual energy.

I’m Scared! ….

I get it! This can be a scary jump for many people. I can promise that you won’t say anything that will shock me and although there will be laughter in sessions I will never laugh at your problems. I work with where you are NOW and so we can go as fast or slow as you need in this process ?

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*** Please note: Addison is offering Coaching & Metaphysical practices and not Counseling or Therapy. ***