The arousal was fiercely present within.
It all started with the soft caress of my skin and a moment where my breath dove deep into my sexual core.
And I could feel myself being beckoned deeper into this bliss that awaited me.
Deeper, deeper, deeper
“Relax my dear”
“Surrender, I’ve got you”
“Enjoy all that is around you and within you”
“Feel me”
Is what was being communicated without words as I felt my body begin to roll in the energetic waves.
My hips making a figure 8 of desire… reaching for penetration.
All while each breath felt like it was forcing me to crack open in pleasure.

I slowly moved my own hand over my core and up into my chest and felt little cracks in my heart as it broke open in surges of bliss.
A part of me wanting to run… to shut it down… to gain control from this lover that was pushing me forward to my brink. Egging me on to moan, to allow the waves to overtake me, to let go and allow myself to be consumed.
To feel my own fire and to let it burn me.
I hit a peak in this orgasm and before I fell from the peak I was being lifted even higher, as a wave sent bursts of white light into my closed eyes.
A searing and yet soothing energy flowing from above and through my crown to my root chakra. Two streams of energy that would not let me escape.
The heat across my skin.
The feeling of fullness within.
The desire for more in my heart.
The fear wanting my to run.
The rolling of my body as if it was a snake and the shaking that overtook my whole body. Like I was floating above the bed with the intensity.
I threw my arms over my head and let myself be fully taken.
Fully penetrated.
Fully into orgasm.
Fully surrendered to bliss.
And fully open to the energetic orgasm.
Because there was no touch involved.
There actually was no other physical person involved.
This was the most sensual and sexual experience I’ve ever had with the divine.
Energetic sex with the angels you might call it.
A deep meditative space of opening up to the stirring of energy and to divine energies of healing.
Energetic orgasm is healing.
Deep orgasms of every type are healing but there is a release and a flow that maintains afterwards with an energetic orgasm.
And touch is not required.
This deep penetrative orgasm happened with me breathing into my sex, accidentally grazing my own skin, and leaning into the arousal that emerged. Slowing down and letting it move in the way it wanted to move and being present enough to allow the divine energies to step into the sensual with me.
There is a bliss that only true energetics can provide and is often missing in the majority of sexing.
An opening up to the divine energies all around us that want a stirring of the sexual energy that CREATES.
The energetic can reach a point of spiritual if we surrender and allow ourselves to fully do there and be consumed.
However, most have a narrow minded view of what orgasm looks like, feels like, and the ways in which it needs to be experienced.
The pleasure if you take the time to truly allow can take you beyond your wildest dreams or the physical hottest sex you’ve ever experienced.
And when it comes together with the actual physical penetration then you are truly being penetrated mind, body, and soul!
Don’t give into your beliefs that limit your pleasure.
Limit how your sexual energy flows.
Or what your body is truly capable of experiencing.
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