You’re either healing her or traumatizing her with your sex.

There is no middle ground.
There are shades and degrees to which you can either traumatize her or heal her but in each encounter you are doing one or the other.

And most men are doing more trauma than healing!

You can ravish her and open her up to feeling her deepest pleasures. Opening her up and dropping her down into her body to release any negtative holding. Filling her up emotionally, physically, and energetically with multiple deeper level orgasm.


You can shut her down and trap even more trauma into her genitals. Having your pleasure but leaving her hanging out on the edge. Only focusing in on only the high peaked masculine clitoral orgasm and forgetting about her g-spot, her cervix, and generally the rest of her body. You can shut her down by never truly taking your time or not being present with the time you take.

This doesn’t even mean you are attempting to be selfish. Men drop women’s orgasms in a multitude of ways!
* Not taking the time
* Stopping with the first wave of orgasm
* Not staying present in their c*cks and thus not staying present in their connection with the woman
* Only dropping into deep orgasm with her here and there but being selfish the remainder of the time
* Not listening to the woman’s directions in the bedroom
* And for my energy conscious men… getting too focused in on YOUR energetics and leaving your woman’s actual body behind

The female genitals (and body in general) is a storage facility. Our bodies remember and remember deeply. There are things stored in your woman’s body that she may have no memory of or any event to point the energy too.

Sex for a woman is a means of healing. When we are in deeper states of orgasmic energy than this orgasmic energy clears the stuckness in our bodies.

And ALL women hold trauma!!! READ THAT AGAIN!!!!!

I don’t care if she has never been abused, raped or sexually assaulted. All women hold trauma based upon simply the human experience and this goes for even the one’s that are consistently doing their work.

Orgasm also nourishes our actual brains and feeds our bodies. It opens us up to where the daily life doesn’t stick to us as much and where we are automatically placed more firmly in our feminine energies.

When we aren’t receiving good orgasms CONSISTENTLY then we begin holding and storing. We become resentful of the sex we are having that doesn’t feed us. We lose interest in sex or go and find it someplace else. We begin to freeze over and numb out.

To the point that many women, self included, can remember times when their genitals just felt numbed out. And this numbness and lack of sensation can only go away with focused loving orgasm and attention.

Men, if your woman isn’t orgasming several times in most sex sessions without the use of a vibrator then you need to truly look at what is happening. Where you aer falling down and also to man up to hear and have the difficult conversations.

Because orgasm changes women…

Whether for the positive or the negative is your choice as a man.

Your bitchy, overweight, depressed, and lack luster woman can become a motherf*cking GODDESS in the bedroom with the right kind of consistent orgasm.

Your high-vibing, playful, and expansive woman can become disconnected, resentful, mean, and lose her glow without consistent good orgasm.

Yes, there are responsibilities and things that fall on the side of the woman to do, practice, and communicate but that is not what we are talking about today. You must do your part.

Otherwise you are further traumatizing her and throwing her further and further away from the woman you desire her to be.

The beautiful thing is that with loving focus and attention. With a nature of consciousness and true giving… you also have the power to help her heal and open up to new levels of herself in all areas. And when she is energized and orgasmic then I promise you that if you are the one providing this then you are the one that will end up benefitting.

If she ends up having to find this elsewhere or just embraces the nun energy than your sex and relationship are in a state of trouble. You can forget that deep expansive level of orgasm for yourself… because the feminine energy is what opens the masculine up to this potential.

Most men want a happy and orgasmic woman! Most men are not wanting to traumatize but remember that consistent half-hearted sex and orgasm only leads to more trauma.

Step up your game!
Be a better man in the bedroom not just for her but for yourself!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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