Sexy isn’t a look it’s a feel!
I’ve got my comfy jeans on, a cheap AF racerback tank top, and am wearing my Jesus sandals! My makeup is barely done…
In truth…
I sit here today feeling sexy as hell!

I had my hair done earlier and I just feel good!
My body has been enjoying the warm sun today and I’ve been dancing around my house.
But I FEEL amazing. I FEEL confident. I FEEL and AM connected to my self and spirit.
I feel good and therefore I look good!!
I find it funny how at times when I get all dressed to the nines… I don’t really get much attention if I’m not truly feeling it that day.
Though at the same time I can have my yoga pants on and my hair a mess without a stitch of makeup on my face… and get hit on by a minimum of 5 guys.
It’s in the way I am sending my energy out.
It’s in the way I am feeling and thus holding myself.
In the next few weeks I will be teaching an in-person workshop called “Only Sexy Men Need Apply”.
In the promotion of this workshop, I have been astounded by the amount of men… Hating on their physical looks but also the fact that so many men have commented with true lack of understanding about what is truly “sexy”.
And I would love to say this one is only on men but women…
We do the same thing. We compare the external and think this is what makes us sexy or not.
Which is completely CRAZY!!!
We have all met people that may have all the looks but who are immediately unattractive due to their energy. And you don’t have to have a deep understanding of energy to get this reaction. All you need to do is be in their presence.
And yet most people have had the experience where they could not get enough of someone that was not your stereotypical “sexy”. However, they had a magnetic draw!!!
Sexy comes from confidence
Sexy comes from if you feel good within self and overall
Sexy comes from how you interact with others
Sexy comes from your presence
Sexy does not come from having the perfect body or dressing a certain way.
Sexy is an energy!!!
So if you desire to be a SEXY MAN
Then look at the energy you are sending off.
Heres a hint.
You have to feel that sexiness within yourself first!!!
Now sometimes fresh hair or a new outfit can make us step deeper into that vibe.
If there is something that makes you feel sexier that you do to your appearance or that you wear… Then GO DO THAT!
But know that it’s not in the altering of physical that makes you sexy. It’s the transformation of the internal!
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