Show up as yourself.
You just have to be you.
ALL of you…
The beautiful, the messy, the emotional, the joyous.
Some will love you, some will hate you

But this is YOUR life and those that are meant to flow through will flow through, and those that are meant to walk your journey with you will stay right by your side.
But in the end it is only your journey.
And so you can’t live it for anyone else.

Not for your partner. Not for your parents. Not for your best friend or the nosey woman across the street. You have to live this life for you.

And sometimes you will be over the moon with joy. Dancing around your life and feeling like your feet will never touch the ground.
And sometimes you will be like a wounded animal hurt, scared, and snapping out at the world.


Sometimes the laughter will gleam from your eyes and fill the hearts of those you love.
Sometimes you will be filled with emotions and need to pull and focus your energies internally.
But it will all be YOU.

As long as you let all parts of you be seen. Accept all these different aspects of self.
Allow yourself to be and accept yourself in all your states.

Despite how you often feel…
because the feeling is pretty human…
You don’t have to be anyone but you.
And even when trying to grow and expand it is still always about being MORE YOU.

Not emulating someone else or trying to fit the mold. It isn’t about pretending.

It is about reach down deep into your soul and pulling up the elements that are already within you and just have not been watered.

In your hardest most depressed and angry times there is still love, beauty, and joy in the core of your being.

And in the most beautiful and abundant of time when you are flying hight there is still those fearful, dark areas that are needing tended.

So honor it all.
You don’t have to pretend.

Stop TRYING to be
And just BE
Be you.
Be here.
Be now.
Be just as you are.

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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