Let go and all will be revealed!

You’re holding your grasp on life so tightly.

Looking at what you don’t want and what you don’t have.
Tension is flowing from you like you are driving up the steepest hill. Scared to fall. Scared that you won’t make it.
And the energy is simply calling in more tension.

You want it but you are going about it all wrong.
Not allowing the moment but instead stuck in worry and concern for the future.

You are standing there screaming “Show Yourself” to spirit
and begging to open up to the life that is just beyond your current veil of belief.

“I want to be seen, I want to be heard, I want to be felt”

Life of desire…. show yourself!
Connective relationships… show yourself!
Whirlwind of money and abundance… show yourself!
Travel that feeds your soul…. show yourself!

“Show YOURSELF!!!”

You feel the amazing gifts deep in your soul.
You have this expansive calling that is a constant whisper always nagging at the back of your mind.
Until it is a scream for MORE!

Until those moments in your life where you drop in just enough that your heart begins singing and although on your path… you know there is so much more waiting for you.

You feel the trembling in your being.
You feel your heart expanding out.
The feeling of finally touching back into home.
That eerie feeling passes through you that resonants with centuries, before you, and beyond you.

The aspects that knows you are so much more.
But it is fleeting.
It is fleeting because you shame it.
You step back into the tension and disconnect.

You hide the secrets of self deep inside.
Wanting them to be seen but equally as fearful of being seen.
You hide and clamp down the self that is trying to emerge.
Wanting spirit to take over and flow through and yet not trusting the flow and direction.

In a tug of war with your soul

Though there is a different way!

You can let go.
Yes, let go in even the scariest of situations.
Not let go in a passive aggressive resentful way but truly and wholly let go

Let go of your shame and worry.
Maybe not seeing the path but trusting the path to be shown to you with each step.
Maybe not seeing who you are becoming but knowing that you ARE becoming.

When we let go, get present, and allow spirit to flow through us then we are living in a place of authenticity.

We are living in a place of living our life instead of controlling our life.

The money will come… and it will go.
The relationships will come… and they will go.
The good will come… and will go.

But the truth is you are more likely to squeeze the joy out of the money, relationships, etc, if and when you grasp. When you get into the energy of tension.

You are more likely to squeeze all the joy, beauty, and life out of yourself if you are in tension and grasping.

Those beautiful spiritual gifts that you have deep within won’t emerge.

You will stand there, the remainder of your life, screaming

And never truly feel fed.
Never feel truly expanded.
Never feeling at home in this life.

Or your can let go and allow yourself and your life to emerge.You can let yourself be seen. You can show your true self to the world and allow spirit to show itself to you.

You’re worth the WELL LIVED LIFE!

Let go and allow yourself to be seen.
Allow spirit to show itself in your life!

Love, Light & Blessings,

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