You’re not showing up for your sex but you desire your sex to show up for you.

You want beautiful fulfilling sex
Or maybe you want low-grade high-intensity climax.
You want to get off
Or you want to feel penetrated fully.

Yet, you aren’t willing to do what needs to be done internally on a heart, soul, and energetic level to pull that into your life.

You have taken your sex and segment it off from the rest of your life. You have disconnected your power source and are wondering why you aren’t lighting up in the bedroom or life in general.

You have to show up for your sex if you want your sex to show up for you!!!!

Many want better sex but they don’t see that it is not about the mechanics. It is often not about having it every single day. It isn’t even about the physical act.

Good fulfilling sex is found in the feminine energetic of the sexing process in feeling, experiencing, and not being so goal oriented.

Our sex and sexual energy is intertwined with the rest of our lives and the healing of our sex requires ALL of us.

Deeply powerful and expansive sex can’t be found without the feelings and without connection to the sensations. The filling won’t happen just from the mechanics.

Sex that is for stress relief…. climax… just getting him off your back… or just to say you are having lots of sex…

Will never truly fill you!
You will end up always hungry for more. Never feeling like your hunger has been satiated. You will either close it down completely or go into a state of empty sexing. You will always be looking for your next sexual fix….


Because you are looking to the external factors to bring you your sexual pleasure
Because you are not awakening your true sexual energy and learning how to expand it
Because you are focused only on the mechanics and not the deeper meaning and gratification of sex.

If your goal of sex is climax… you will always be a strung out sex junkie waiting for the next high. While at the same time creating your own pleasure ceiling.

Surrendering internally and an opening to the idea of more is required for that next deeper level of sexing.

Taking your mind off of goal directed sex and stepping into the feminine aspects of sex is what will provide the pleasure.

Looking at where you are holding yourself back by not breaking down belief systems about what sex is and isn’t will raise your sexual ceiling. Redesigning the skewed lessons you’ve learned about sex from your upbringing.

Allowing yourself to lead and be led. To seduce and surrender.

Learning how to move your energy from a genital focused party to a full body experience.

And also on a physical plane to do the practices that will keep your genitals strong and energetically clear for that deeper pleasure.

But you instead are wanting the sex you haven’t opened up to or prepped for…

You want mind-blowing… soul shaking sex…

But you don’t want to put any energy into it!!!!

That works as well as saying you want to be the best yoga teacher in the whole world but never taking a yoga class or even watching a Youtube video!!!

Unless you look and connect within…
Your sex will continue to struggle.
You will never feel expansively filled in your love making
And never feel like you are being penetrated by life at that deeper level.

If you want your sex to show up for your then you need to start showing up for your sex!

In mind
In body
In spirit
And from a state of realizing it’s all integrated and becoming present with that connective dynamic.

Love, Light, & Blessings,
Addison B.

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