Do you ever stop and listen to the sound of the silence?
Yes the pure crisp silence.

?Silence in the external world
?Silence in the internal world
?Silence in the spiritual world

Its a true gift to have these moments where all goes quiet and you just are.
Eventually new awarenesses are revealed but for a moment it is just quiet.

There are days when silence can cut you like a knife. It rips right to the very core and makes you stop to feel your heart and your feelings. Those times when the silence speaks words of loneliness.

There are days when silence can fill your heart. The pure beauty of the space, the breadth, the lightness. The divine feeling of just being.

Either way… silence speaks!

It always has a message for us when we take even a few moments in our day to be in a state of nothingness.
Sometimes the message is heavy
Sometimes the message is light
But the message is always one of growth and healing

Silence simply provides the space… then it is up to you what you do with it. Do you feel deeper into self or run?

Music, laughter, and conversation can be so orgasmic!
Though they are even more so when you know the orgasmic nature of the other side of the coin.

It is often people tell me that they never get a silent moment. Like it is an impossibility. This is false!

One would think that it would only be people with small children or busy work schedules. But your marital status, your status as a parent or not, gender, nor age makes a difference. The reason it makes no difference is because our greatest “noise” comes from within our own heads.

We all get gifted moments (and it may just be a few) that we can just stop and be with silence.

?The car
?The bathroom
?Before bed
?Taking a walk
?Before that first sip of coffee

It is there if we only take the time to look.
Time to recognize it’s power.
Have gratitude for it’s messages
And let it grow you…

So that you learn, in your daily noisy world to live with a constant ability to tune into the silence WITHIN!

?️ Sending you all Light, Love, & Blessings ?️