Sometimes I just need a break from spiritual growth and need to jump into some mindless entertainment. I recently was having one of these moments of needing to just escape the world, my feelings, and my head chatter and so decided to pick-up a fiction book. In the book the main character is turned into a siren. Greek mythology portrays Siren’s as women that were like mermaids that could also turn into winged creatures and would sing sailors to their deaths. These were women that were beyond gorgeous that had this entrancing song and way of movement that men couldn’t resist. Once a siren had a man in her grasps he was her’s to use. However, as these creatures are portrayed in the book I was reading, they are devastatingly beautiful until they are not fed, then they lose control and end up going straight for men’s hearts and tearing the man to bits.

In all honesty I quickly began to relate on a personal level with the Siren and also know many women that could also relate. Not being fed, payed attention too, or appreciated… and so the fanged ego-driven creature emerging and taking over. Simply fighting for survival and a way to feed themselves. Having this beautiful side that was entracing and an energy that could sing straight to a man’s deepest heart but how this can turn extremely dark if not nurtured and adored.

Most women in today’s world are not being fed in any form or fashion. They are under*cked, underloved, and underappreciated and I wish I could blame men but in all honesty we women can be just as much to blame. Let’s just take sex for any example. Many women are so disconnected from their feminine energies that they rush through sex, go for the unfulfilling clitoral orgasm consistently and accept when their partner does not take the time to open her up body, heart, and soul before penetration. In these moments we give away a piece of our beautiful song that our energy has the ability to send out into the world and more specifically the energy to entrance the divine masculine. Then we wonder why women walk around feeling depleted and often uncertain what has them depleted. Inevitably we lose touch with the beautiful creature that can allure and become this fanged, winged, beast that does not nurture but instead tears out hearts.

When I think about how siren’s sing sailors to their deaths in thier most beautiful form I imagine it very different to how they kill in their angry bird form. I think about the connection to how when a man truly gets a woman into her feminine energy, her surrender, and her beauty that there are ways in which pieces of him will die in order to be reborn and find a deeper sense of himself. He must die in order to be reborn. It is a sweet death. One that feels divinely beautiful and the greatest orgasm in the world. This is the power of the siren that lives within all women.

Though unfed and we can become nasty scary beasts! This doesn’t always come in the form you would think either. This could be the woman that is just using men for the sex and leaves a trail of men’s hearts tossed about in her wake. This could also look like the woman that is using sex as a way to control her husband. Using the only piece of her siren song that she can muster but it will fall flat and then leaving her bitchy and shut down.

As woman we have to claim what we desire. We have to protect our beautiful siren song. We have to demand what we are needing and allow ourselves to get into the flow of our femininity. Step out of the masculine energy and find a state of surrender within ourselves.

A man needs to learn to see their woman’s different sides and embrace and nurture all of her. Not just the pretty and attractive parts but the shadow sides as well. Men need to remember the importance of feeding their woman in all ways. Feeding her sexually by taking the time and energy to help surrender. Taking the time to listen to her. Taking the time to be playful with her and pull out that beautiful siren song.

Learn to adore and revel in the feminine siren song! God gave us the feminine to be adored.


Step into your Siren Song TODAY-