I’m almost 5 years old in this picture. Whenever anyone sees this picture they remark that I look like a porcelain doll and the truth is I can remember this being about this age when I was told to hush, act like a lady, and just sit down, be quiet, and look cute. I can tell you that despite my almost obsession with swirly dresses and dolls…that I in no way shape or form wanted to just be seen as cute. I would sit still, look pretty, and really would just daydream of world domination…

…. Okay maybe world domination in a pretty pink tutu but world domination nonetheless!

Now in my mid-thirties and I still find myself being told to just sit still and look pretty. I get it via social media where I get messages about how a man should put me and the other dynamic AF women in my life in our ‘place’. I get the message from extended family that likes to remind me that it’s time I settle my life down with some babies (since babies always work to settle a life down)! I get told that I don’t put enough makeup on, should dress-up for my live videos more, and that would be more appealing as a Sex Coach if I simply would act more sultry online. Still the same message….

Sit still…look pretty… and don’t shake the boat!

And yet, inside is still that little girl that is still wanting world domination… this time while in a bikini on the beach, enjoying my life, running an amazing business and also truly sharing my message with the world. Yet I still don’t want to just sit still and look pretty.

I’m sick and F*CKING TIRED of sitting still and looking pretty. I tried that game. It never worked for me. A few years of it and it literally almost took my life. No MORE!

I’m messy. My mind’s always running which often leads to diarrhea of the mouth. I love hard. I have a love-affair with my yoga pants… and bras are just no longer in my vocabulary. I was not meant to sit still and look pretty.

This whitewashed version of the feminine that we are fed is complete craziness. Yes, a true feminine can be in beautiful flow, easily touch into spirit, and see’s the little beauties in life…. But she also is fierce! A true feminine takes no prisoners with her vitality, penetration of the Universe, and she most certainly does not just sit there like a statue with no thoughts and ideas. No the true feminine is fiery, adventurous, curious, and so in touch with her spirit that if something isn’t aligned will go to the greatest depths to move against.

Now do I enjoy dressing up at times…YES. Do I adore being told I am am beautiful… Hell Yes! Do I enjoy a divine masculine in my life to lead… F*ck Yes, and it’s actually a requirement.

We don’t have to give up our femininity as women to achieve. Actually we need to dig deeper into that femininity of flow, creation, passion, and beauty. The feminine is passionate AF and can conquer the world. I WILL NOT sit still and look pretty!

* I am passionate.

*I am creative

*I am divinely beautiful

*I am holding a message that needs to be shared

The world needs the feminine message, just like it needs the message of the true masculine

*I was meant to shake shit up!

*I was meant to spread my message!

*I was meant for Blissful World Domination!

Not just sit and look pretty.

Find your voice. Find your power.

Look pretty AF but be Powerful AF!


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