There are SO many things that you desire to fix about yourself
There are SO many goals that you still haven’t stepped into fully
There are SO many mistakes you are making every single day

You go to bed and wondering if you will ever get it “right”!

However, what you tend to gloss over is…

The amazing ways you are stepping up in your day and in your life
The beauty of who you are right now… in this place… without any changes
The ways that you are resilient and are doing a good job

It can be incredibly easy to focus in on all the negatives about ourselves and what can sometimes feel like a mountain of inner work that has yet to be done.

As a self-proclaimed self-improvement junkie, I can tell you that expansion and continuing to growth IS important.

We can get lazy and begin to slack in our lives but we also can sometimes be too hard on ourselves and work too hard. Which only disconnects us from flow and spirit.

When we are constantly pushing and hustling we wear ourselves out and lose the beauty and flow of who we are and what is soul-aligned.

And even more than that…

When we are constantly hating on ourselves and thinking of all the ways we are lacking we completely cut ourselves off from our own inner light and being.

From this place of cut off we will be walking blind and inspired action simply isn’t a thing!

Do you have some shit to work on?

Yes, we all do!

Do you need to be lazy?


And in truth, you know at your core when you truly are avoiding self…

But that noticing in and of itself is a positive to acknowledge within self!

We all do need to affirm ourselves for the things that we are getting done each day and for the people we inherently are at our core.

What is the point of continuing to grow self if you are never able to fully enjoy yourself?

Let me answer that one for you… there is no point!

When we choose to focus on how amazing we are…
When we choose to focus on the things we are adding to the world…
When we choose to focus on love towards self despite what happens in our physical reality…

We create a beautiful positive momentum.
A momentum that gives us energy and confidence to look at our goals, dreams, and growth. It allows us to go into these lands with compassion instead of the energy of negativity.

Not to mention that when we are constantly beating ourselves up internally it will also begin to manifest in our external. We teach people how to treat us and our energy in these scenarios is teaching a massive lesson!

We can be moving forward and acknowledging our next right steps while also still acknowledging and witnessing the amazing being that we already are…here, now, today!

The amazing person we are without having to do or be anyone but that is just inherently us!

Go love on yourself today and acknowledge the beauty that is your life.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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