Don’t worry about it…
There really isn’t anything I want..
Don’t waste your money on me…

You don’t want anything for Christmas.
(or your bday, valentines day, or other day of the year)

Your loved ones stand in front of you asking for you to share your desires. Share with you the way you want to be loved. Asking about your desires for the moment and the future.

But you sit there and proclaim.

I don’t want anything!!!

Not tapping into your heart and your internal desires.
Or maybe not willing to ask for those desires
Where you are desiring for more in the relationship or in life.
Not communicating…

Gifts… Presents… Love
Comes in many different forms
Maybe you don’t want a material possession from a store…

I get it!
But what about some affirmations
What about time
What about physical connection

Do you really want NOTHING??

Maybe you are like a few people in my life and one of the rare few that ARE happy and feeling content. Already receiving.

Maybe you have amazing relationships going on in your life right now and want for nothing…

But more than likely there is something!

There is probably something and some way that someone can love you. Because in my opinion there is no such thing as too much love.

And the issue here isn’t that you can’t find a list of gifts for the holiday season.

The complication come in that most people that give this response are LYING to themselves.
Lying by not connecting to their desires…

They believe themselves unworthy of asking for what they want
They haven’t ever taken the time to contemplate THEIR desires
They don’t feel safe enough in a relationship to share what is in their hearts.

And the holiday season has become a mirror for all the other times in life where you aren’t speaking up for what you are really needing/desiring.

Instead you sit there and dig yourself deeper into manifesting NOTHING in you life with the phase…
“There is nothing I want”

Or proclaiming that you don’t know what you want.

Then you are going to enter 2020 and ask why nothing is flowing like you want and you feel stuck!!!

Well you are continuing to put that into place…
In your life and in your relationships.

Instead of saying you want nothing…
Say you want affirmation, touch, time, love, or tell that other person you want them to get creative…

But change your verbiage around gifts and receiving if you want the universe to keep your energy of manifestation moving. Get real with those in our life about what they can do for you and start being will to share. This is the only way to create healthy and connective relationships.

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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