~Pre-Recorded 3-Day Live Training~

Do you want to dive deeper into your passion? Experience that deeply sexual and life expansive energy your body/spirit can provide?

Do you want to learn Tantra but don't have a partner to practice with and have the idea that you have to be in a relationship to be tantric?

This course is about you stepping deeper into yourself, your sexuality, your spirit, and your depths.

Improve your sexuality. Improve your energy. Improve your relationship.

Live an abundant and orgasmic life with this course!


Digging into tantric practices is one of the best ways to explore a deeper level of yourself in mind, body, and spirit. The practice of tantra will not just impact your sex life by your life as a whole.

We will dive deep into 11+ areas of tantra that can be experienced whether single or coupled and in truth the best tantric practice is initially a SOLO PRACTICE.

This 3-day course will guide you in the true learnings of tantra and what it can do for you life. All that you learn can be applied to partner practice but is first and foremost a solo practice.

This course consists of videos, course notes to help you gain a deeper understanding of concepts, meditations to connect with yourself, and tantric exercises and journaling for all sections.

Some of the elements we will cover:

  • Gain a true understanding of tantric practices
  • Feel more connected to body, mind, spirit, and sex
  • Ways to increase arousal and strengthen your sexual self
  • Tap into the healing of your health issues and opening up your energy centers
  • Capturing your unique masculine/feminine polarities and creating more harmonized relationship
  • Ancient Tantric practices to keep you manifesting in all areas of life
  • Expanding your Orgasm and Desires
  • Weaving your life together to own your power
  • Bringing stability to your mind, emotions, and spirit

What you can expect:

  • 3 days of FB Live Training
  • 6+ hrs of Live Video Training
  • 19 PDF’s to Deepen your Journey
  • Tantric Action Exercises
  • Meditations to embody your practice
  • Bonus shares for extended learnings
  • Private FB Group to ask questions and connect with Addison
  • Life-long Access to Course on Personalized Dashboard



All 3 Days & Lifelong Course Access for $59
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