Sometimes the “craziness” overtakes you! 🤪
I sat there in front of a loved one a few days back sharing plans I’m putting into action.
The HOWS flew
The WHY NOWs were abundant
And the logic was unavoidable in front of us.
And I had asked myself the exact same logical questions and come up with no hardcore answers.

I look at the logic and shake my head and if I allow myself to question too much then shake in my boots a bit.
I’m being crazy in taking multiple leaps of faith all at once!
If anyone else was me I would say they were crazy too!
Spirit keeps telling me it’s “go time” and reminds me that it always works out for my greater good. That the last time I felt just like this…
I ended up leaving my old job for a life of freedom, flexibility, growth, and Hardwork. I ended up building my business.
But I loved every minute of that building process and when I truly dive into my “work” I feel the presence of spirit. It was the best move of my life.
Yet, there are new plans/dreams/goals that have been placed on my heart…
A business that I love is simply not enough… I have deeper depth to explore on top of my work.
Spirit is screaming to leap and sending consistent messages to support me.
And I could say I’m scared but in all realty… I want to want to be scared.
Because my soul is so peaceful.
My energy feels good as long as I’m moving in that direction.
And the dreaming and doing that should send me shivering just puts a smile on my face. I am being called to something soul-driven and I’m more connected to self than ever in my pursuit of these dreams.
I’ve had some say “crazy”, “irresponsible”, and “naiive”
When the fact is that I have spirit consistently whispering
“Where is your faith child”, “You’re strong” and “Your soul knows”.
And it reminds me…
Sometimes when we look out at others and think “crazy”
They are instead on a soul mission and feeling called to their soul path.
We don’t have to understand in or always see how it’s going to play out but it always doesn’t work out for our highest and greatest good. There is a reason that is beyond our understanding.
Yes, we can make stupid crazy decisions…
But that is different than a soul calling that continues to pull at our cores.
Those must be followed!
And to someone outside of us it looks like insanity.
But maybe it’s just soul!
We don’t always have to understand the leaps of faith to support someone in doing what they feel called to do in their lives.
I feel blessed to have a few people that are around me right now that don’t understand the logic (as I don’t myself) but are able and willing to support me to follow where my spirit is calling me.
Are you listening to your soul?
That voice that is really directing you if you choose to listen.
It only takes a few minutes to slow down and embrace all you were meant to be!
Love you all!
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