You most likely say this word every single day…
Actually, it might be one of your most used words without your realizing.
It is one of the words that can take you the most out of integrity with self and in relationship.

We throw this word around with no thought and it gets overused consistently
Slowly losing its power
Losing its true meaning and depth
Cheapening our words
Making our true lessons mean less
What word am I speaking of?
What word do we overuse and cheapen?
This word often becomes a word that means absolutely NOTHING!
In its overused state, it truly loses its power and even worse is used to exacerbate a person’s victim mentality. A way for someone to go into being in introverted ego where they feel that they have full control over everything in the world…. and so, therefore, they must apologize for EVERYTHING that happens.
Even for their very existence!!!
A way for someone to get out of a situation without making true amends. Without having to truly feel into a scenario. Without really truly soaking in a lesson.
“Sorry” gets thrown out as a way to fix things in a fast way and at times is not followed up with the required inner work and external change. Often seen as “enough”.
I can’t tell you how many times as I coach that I’ve heard, “I don’t know what else he/she wants, I mean I said I was sorry”
It’s not that a true authentic apology does not have it’s place. If someone really does step out of alignment and does make true amends than the word “sorry” can have a powerful place in the repairing process.
That being said and we have learned to use this word from a place of inauthenticity when we are NOT sorry.
If you have kids then how many times have you made them apologize when they truly weren’t “sorry”.
Were they apologizing just to get out of trouble or from a place of truly realizing they were out of alignment in their actions?
How many times have YOU as an adult said, “I’m sorry” just to stop an argument or conflict.
How many times, and us women tend to be worse at this, have you apologized for just being human?
Basically saying… I’m sorry that I am human and exist.
In truth, the overuse of the word depletes its message and intended energy. Therefore, when you are in a place that the word is coming from an authentic place… it no longer has any meaning. It falls flat. It’s not believed.
And if we are truly honest… most of the time we aren’t truly sorry. There was a reason and rationale for why we did/said what we did… and so instead of being sorry, we are simply backtracking to avoid conflict.
Today take a few moments to listen for this word.
Where are you using it in your world?
What is your intention behind it?
Are you truly sorry?
Or are you just in introverted ego/backtracking mode?
Is this word bringing you more into integrity and authenticity
Or pulling you away?
Stop faking it. Star Claiming it!
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