I am in the midst of dozens of other people and we are dancing to our own souls dance. This is the first time that I have attended this event and in truth I was nervous and skeptical. It was boundary pushing.

Not because I had to dance! I danced for 27 years and it calls to my soul. I was born to dance.

What made this out of my comfort zone was the freedom of the dance. Dance to me was always a series of steps, moves, and most of all technique that had a right way and a wrong way.

Though I step into the free movement. Attempt to listen to the dance that is deep down in my soul. I inquire, I wonder, I tune in.

I am expanding more into myself, finding new ways to let go and allow an even greater depth of freedom. I step into the freedom of movement pretty easily as I let go of my brain and get into my body. I feel the fluid flow of movement in my body and I just enjoy. I enjoy the fluidity and getting into the music… while also dancing to my own tune when the music doesn’t quite match whats in my heart.

Though I begin to fatigue quickly. I have been not feeling well recently and been taking time to try to tap into the meaning behind the malaise. But it still remains which tells me that I still haven’t gotten to the root.

Though I begin to get frustrated with my body in this moment. I desire to keep going. I desire to push and push and push. Though my heart is beating way too fast, breathe is constricted, and I begin to feel light-headed. And here is the lesson!

Full embodiment. Listening to my bodies messages at a deeper level. This sometimes means finding the edge and trying to stay out on that edge while still connecting and remaining away from ego. Then there are times when we must connect, listen, and soften. Soften and surrender.

I find myself instead sitting down and continuing the dance in my head as I breathe. As I ground. As I slow my heart. I find myself doing this several times throughout the event and each time having to push my ego away. Ego that begins to hate on my body. Ego that tries to compare. Ego that worries what others will think. Ego that wants to also give up entirely, pack up my stuff, and go home.

The lesson is the sticking with it and not giving up. The listening to my body while also listening to my soul. My physical body needed a few moments rest but my soul could still dance and add to the beautiful energy in the room. Then when I was able to dance I was able to match this will the actual physical expression.

The dance between the physical and the spiritual. The dance between the soul and the ego. The dance of our lives.

In our society many live so grounded into their bodies that they never even entertain the messages of the soul. Even if we are avid church goers we still have a habit to avoid this dimension.


We avoid, avoid, avoid our bodies to the point that we can no longer hear them. We believe we are tuned into our souls but we are missing that in order to full be us…that includes our bodies. We work to be as disconnected as possible from the physical and the messages our soul is actually trying to convey via the physical.

And some bounce between the two throughout their lives.

Where are you not harmonizing with these two aspects of your existence? Where are you working to avoid in one way or the other?

And once you have this answer… breathe. Breathe into that knowledge. Don’t hate on yourself but acknowledge.

I challenge you to take a step today into diving deeper into FULL EMBODIMENT!

Love, Light, and Blessings!,