It’s right there… can’t you feel it?
Can’t you feel your dream right on the very cusp waiting to blossom?

It is right within your reach but you have to keep pushing through. This is the point where there is the pressure. Yes, the pressure of the divine pushing the birthing process of YOU and YOUR EXPANSION along.
It may not be comfortable and it’s not supposed to be, but there is also a world of excitement right below that discomfort if you simply choose to change your focus.
Choose to have a perception of excitement instead of fear.
Choose to lean into faith and less into the how to’s.
Choose to lean into trust of self over others opinions and thoughts.
This is the part where you just have to keep at it! Where you bear down deep into your reasons for starting and into that beautiful sensations that if you just close your eyes…. appear within your mind.
See what is about to be birthed. Feel all the yummy juiciness that is yours for the claiming. Manifest it into reality.
Go forward with a state of KNOWING and EXPECTING that it is going to happen.
Have CERTAINTY that it simply MUST come to pass.
Release all the ego that screams that it’s too tough! That it won’t work. That you will never get there. That you don’t deserve it.
You are in self labor here and don’t have time to focus on any of that B.S.! You are amazing AF and you know it. You know that this is the right path for you because it is a soul goal. And you can’t give up on your soul goals.
Not without having to cut off your own birthing process. Not without it causing intense pain and disconnection from self.
Not without losing the passion for life.
No!!! Soul goals must be allow to be birthed into reality.
So stop doubting and start focusing in on the passion and pleasure that is in this new reality. Start breathing deep and fully breathing in.
This pressure you feel will only be relieved when you choose to open up and fully receive your blessings and your expansion.
It’s right there. All you have to do is reach out and allow it to be yours.
Are you going to keep holding back from the opening?
Are you going to keep resisting your own dreams?
Or are you going to welcome them with arms wide open?
And birth
The Beauty That is YOU!!!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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