Last day of the year….
Many of us feel like we are in a race against the clock to get everything lined up to begin a brand new year. 

The resolutions are flying and we are in deep goal making mode. We stick our feet in the sand and commit to things like…

?No more sugar!…EVER
?Working out every day for the next 365
?Giving up Netflix and TV
?Becoming a millionaire in the next 6 months 

And I’m not going to tell you that you can’t/won’t do all of these things. Or even smaller goals. 
But the majority of the goals we choose to make this time of the year come entirely from ego. They are coming from that place of wanting MORE and from a place of current dissatisfaction.

**Side note… if you are dissatisfied now then what makes you think that you will be satisfied if you achieve all this? Get grateful NOW and feel good NOW**

Though as we go into this new year I wonder if you have considered your SOUL GOALS?

The goals, dreams, and desires that come straight from your soul. The goals that will help you move you further on your path and in your purpose. The goals that bring you more in alignment with your core. 

Many times when we create our New Year’s resolutions we THINK about what we want and we just move forward. 

When we are talking Soul Goals we are required to NOT THINK but instead turn inward in silence. To go into a space of meditation and exploration of where our souls desire us to go. Then we might get into real world thoughts about how to OPEN more to these goals and make time/space to allow them. 

Soul goals are more about feeding your soul and less about simple external reward. Now the funny thing is that only YOU will know if a goal is soul led or ego led. 

A goal to start a new business could be a soul goal that is you stepping into what you have always felt called to do with your life… OR it could be a ego goal just because it will make you money and you think life will just be easier. 

See the difference… One has passion, purpose and alignment to core. The other is not considering their soul purpose and passion. 

On the last day of this year I want to encourage you all to take a few minutes and go into a quiet space of meditation and check-in with your self on what your core self is desiring. What will lead you forward to your soul purpose? 

And if you don’t meditate then simply get into a quiet place with a journal and do some free writing on this exact topic. Allow what wants to flow and you will open yourself up to soul guidance. 

I’ll see all you beautiful souls in 2019!!

Light, Love, & Blessings,