You understand the importance of meditation…
You get that tuning into the core of self and spirit is vital to finding your path in life.
You take the time to recognize the Soul Goals within you!
Though… are your daily priorities following this?

I was on a beautiful trip to Belize the last few days. The weather, people, and sights were breathtaking! I found myself not wanting to leave the relaxed but high vibe of the country.
Though while I was there I found myself surprisingly not feeling as aligned to write or livestream as usual.
My soul message getting shared on a larger scale got put on the back burner…
To connection with friends and those I met on travel
To laughter and play
To just experiencing the wonders all around me
To just rest and relax.
But my soul priorities for a few days shifted.
When I tuned in it felt more aligned to simply enjoy and connect in that moment. Although I had a list of logical and rational priorities…
It is not what I was needing in that moment. Instead I went where my soul was calling.
And over the last few days it has become apparent how often we disconnect with our hearts and souls.
Instead focusing in on the logical “to do’s” and things that we are told SHOULD be our priorities.
When in truth…Although our soul aligned goals stay pretty consistent from day to day. Our Soul Aligned priorities can shift and when we take the time to tune in at a deeper level with self… then we know the way.
Though instead we get stuck in habit or in an egoic belief system that we have to do something. We listen to what society says should be our priorities.
So while we may tune in…
We might have the pull from core…
We ignore in order to focus on “the things that matter”
All the while not seeing that in this focusing process we are losing alignment with our true priorities from soul.
We lost the little nudges and pushes. We forget that our souls are always finding ways to pull in what we are needing to get to our soul goals…. and sometimes that requires a shift in priorities for a short time or long time.
For me it was that I was trying to focus on the soul goal of my business and thus my logical priorities of business.
When in truth… connection and laughter in general was what my soul was needing in order to pull in some inspiring new ideas and vibe.
If I had stuck to the priorities laid out prior…
I would have missed the new inspiration that led me deeper into my soul goal and then YES back to my business priorities.
It’s important to not get in a rut of knowing your checklist each day.
Instead wakeup every morning and before you get out of bed… quiet the mind and find your guiding posts for the day. What are the SOUL ALIGNED priorities. What is calling to you?
Ask yourself this before any MUST DO, SHOULD DO’s, NEED TO’S….
What does the soul crave to be priority each morning?
The go do that!
Your soul won’t lead you astray!
Love, Light, & Blessings!
Step-into who you were meant to be TODAY.
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