?Soul Music?

There we all sat in a cluttered garage with the door open. People on the floor, people on pulled over boxes and items that could hold body weight.

A totally unplanned meeting in a most unexpected place. But we sit there and chat, and laugh, and are simply there with each other. Actually dropping in and relaxing.

I sit there and all of a sudden an energy comes over me. It’s a sense of connectedness. Seeing each beautiful soul (including the crazy dog) for who they are and how despite our intense variety…. we are connected. There is care in this place as we bond, we heal, and some say goodbye.

We end up jumping into a barrage of music. The funny thing though is it’s not simply music. This would be a misinterpretation of what is truly happening here. It is a sharing of a little piece of our souls. Each song brings us deeper into understanding of the others. Even the crazy, funny, upbeat songs share with us a depth and glimpse into the other person.

I sit feeling a heart full of gratitude not just for this moment but for the people. No matter what is to come of the relationships and connections in this clustered group, in this cluttered garage, after this moment… I am grateful.

So why tell you about this evening?

It’s to remind you to take the time to stop in your relationships! And begin seeing the music of each soul in your life… but especially the ones closest to you.

It is so easy in the rush and busyness of our worlds to pass by these simple moments or not even engage in them at all.

In truth I had plans to work all last night but instead chose to sit down and share in the energy. An energy that was healing, playful, and relaxing. An energy that was truly much needed.

In truth anyone looking into that garage and seeing us would not have thought anything special of the little gathering. Others in the group may or may not have noticed anything special about the gathering.

The point is that I took in the moment and used it to feed me. I took the time to recognize the unique and beautiful pieces of each person that was gracing me with their presence in my life. No matter the relationship there is a lesson.

When we get lost in our ego’s, in our daily lives, in the tasks of “adulting”, and even at times the death grip on our goals (opposed to flow)…. we first lose connection with self. But then we also lose connection and the ability to see the beautiful things in the others around us.

We stop seeing how that one person’s laugh instantly always makes us laugh. Or how that one person always has a special glow about them when they get excited. Or even the truth in whats going on in another persons life behind the smile. We lose our depth!

Instead we end of fighting. Assuming. Overlooking. Or just not truly enjoying others and life in general. It eats away at our souls of love.

When we have taken the steps to really stop and notice another persons “soul music” then even if arguments happen, or a relationship must be severed… there is still love from a soul level left.


Once you have seen another at a soul level you can’t help but love them!

Notice the moments in your day when you can STOP. Tune into the important people in your life and notice the little moments where they are playing you there soul music. When someone plays you a song they love… listen closely. When someone is sharing about something with you really look into their eyes and ask yourself what they are trying to tell you from a core level… deeper then the overlying message.

And most importantly. Tune into your own soul music first and foremost. Follow the tune of your own heart and it will lead the way.

Wishing you Love, Light, & Blessings!


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