The energy is hawt!!!

The orgasmic wave is both sexual and energetic. My hands are shaking, my body quivering, and my genitals are aching for more.

It is a glorious place to be. The receiving mode and dropping into TRUE orgasm.

Two different but yet beautifully conscious men.

Focusing in on me at different times.

Working to get my energy flowing…

And yet both fully drop out on me at points.

They drop me in a way that we don’t talk about much in the tantric world because it is a different kind of orgasmic drop.

Neither man was just trying to “get theirs” because I was in receiving mode. Neither got tired or sick of the process. Neither was trying to cum.

They dropped me instead for their own spiritual and energetic experience and didn’t choose to take me with them.

Both used my highly sexual energy in the moment as a conduit.

Which is not a negative thing in and of itself …
The feminine energy IS a conduit for deeper more pleasurable sexual energy in the masculine.

But both got lost in their own energetic orgasm… going from giving to TAKING.

Yes a taking energy and leaving me to keep my own energy going as they were conscious within themselves and the Universe.

Losing sight of the physical world.
Losing sight of the connection.
And I felt their consciousness not go to their cocks but instead to their energy body.


We think of a lack of consciousness being that the other party begins thinking about other things…. fantasizing, focused on their day, overanalyzing the sex, etc.

What we tend to forget is that we can do the very same with tantric sexing and the energetic. When we get so ungrounded and in the spiritual body that we lose sight of the physical body… we can easily drop our partner!

It doesn’t matter if you are focusing in on the spiritual to the point where you lose sight of your physical body
If it’s your porn fantasy world.

BOTH are a dropping process. Both leave the other party wondering where you went.

There are ways to stay connected while giving and still feel and experience the energetic. You can use this energy to bring yourself higher but also to stay so conscious within your physical body that you are able to pull your partner with you into the energy.

When you are in complete receiving mode then floating away in the ethers can be beautiful but it’s not bonding. It’s not a divine masculine leading energy. It’s not a joint process. It is YOU connecting deeper within YOU!

So when you choose to float away in the middle of giving or mutual sex….

You are leaving and dropping the orgasmic energy

Simply for your own benefit.
Not caring about the other person’s orgasmic energy

Getting so lost in the energy in truth can be just as detrimental and disconnecting during sex as watching porn.

Sex requires parts of self coming together…
Including the physical.

We drop people in orgasm whenever we start to overly focus on self and lose sight of our partner. Just as we lose sight of our partner when we forget about connecting with our own physical bodies.

Look at how you are sexing and where you are potentially dropping a partner unintentionally. Where you are trying to hold space but end up taking space.

Love, Light, & Blessings



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