Spirituality is uplifting until you use it as a weapon to back bad behaviors.
The last few weeks this concept has been stirring in my brain. Not quite fully formed as I fought with myself in perfect Virgo style of wanting to see all sides of a situation.
But I also have been in observance mode.
Observance mode of how we use our spiritual tools and concepts to back our negative behaviors…
To disconnect from our fellow man
To create even more judgment
To feel superior
And to back our laziness to put true effort into our lives and relationships.

Words and concepts that are meant to lift the human spirit and create a witnessing of our ego’s are instead getting used to support and nurture the ego, into creating harm.
I see this come into play when individuals are dealing with business, goals and desires, and most commonly when dealing with our relationships.
If we are faced with looking at our shadow self or our lack of presence in a relationship…
We suddenly decide that relationship or other person “isn’t in alignment”, instead of holding in the discomfort and gaining the lessons of seeing the difficulties through.
If we don’t like what someone is saying then we say they are in ego and stop listening to what they are saying. (which we have ego working at all times and so of course it’s ego!)
We say something knowing it is hurtful and potentially damaging… Then turn around and say that we are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions. Meaning we have the right to be a straight up A-hole and never own that we DO in fact impact others.
We find ourselves in a space of being face with a chance to give of self and to another and instead of reaching out we state that we are being “selfish” and taking care of self. Stopping that potential flow of positive energy and blocking it up internally.
We are aloof and unwilling to commit in relationship and build any stability. Our lover, friend, family member expresses needs in the relationship and suddenly they are needy and needing to get “spiritually attune” and practice detachment. “How dare they have needs!!!”
We judge someone immediately and say we don’t like their vibe or throw them away because they had one bad day. Instead of recognizing that we never know what’s going on with another person and maybe it was just a moment.
And I could go on and on…
As I look around I have begun to see us armoring ourselves, our hearts, and our lives with spiritual jargon.
Each of the above concepts are relevant…
Alignment, Selfishness, Detachment, Ego, Vibration, etc.
*If we aren’t truly aligned then cleansing this from our lives is important
* Taking care of self is imperative because we really can’t give from an empty cup
* We need to understand that we can’t control another persons emotions and reactions to us…
All this is true!
In studying each concept, we can truly expand our minds and make us take stock of our internal processes and spiritual path.
But these concepts used as a battlefield and to belittle others simply, disconnects us from our cores and the connections we are meant to have in this life experience.
We don’t have to wear our spirituality as a weapon
We can still have care and compassion towards others and still stay connected to ourselves
And we are only getting further and further from our spiritual cores when we intentionally try to harm another with these concepts.
Anyone can back anything with the use of spiritual jargon!
How are you embodying these beautiful messages?
And how are you using them to simply avoid yourself, connection, and depth?
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