Today I feel like a squirrel on drugs!

I’m flying high with positive energy and in love with life at the moment.

My clients are being ultimate rockstars both in their work inside of sessions and their work outside of sessions. They are desiring and craving every little moment of expansion and it is amaze-balls!

I’m riding this feminine flowy energy that goes into full force when I spending time with the divine masculine and also when I am making it a priority to love on self.


All this energy helped by beautiful weather, income overflowing, and the next month of my life being jam packed with exciting adventures.

So as I move around my day I feel like I am more floating instead of walking and my brain is like a fun ping pong game where I never know where it’s going next.

And then…
I sat down for a moment in my crazy day and realized I was going a million miles an hour.

I stopped and had to literally say “SLOW”
I took a deep breath and tuned into my body.
I was in a great space but I was also not present
I wasn’t present in fully experiencing my day.
Not fully present experiencing these feelings of joy and elation that are swirling in my body.

A multitude of desires have been popping all day long but in order to truly manifest them I have to slow down!

Not slow down in terms of not allowing the flow of desires but slow down in my presence level with these desires.

And it reminded me of how I’ve been preaching this exact thing to my clients recently.

To not slow the energy down but to tune in and really feel and experience the moment.

To slow down the rush of thoughts and change it out for the rush of sensation and emotions.

When we are going a million miles an hour….
Like so many do these days.


It can be easy to get lost in the flow without truly experiencing.

And when it comes to even these massively positive flows
If we aren’t slowing down enough to truly experience then we aren’t continuing that upwards momentum. If we want to stay in the place of desire and manifestation then we have to get body present.

Body presence is the key to truly feeling your truth, your desire, and your turn on. Breathing and connecting to your sensations can open up new and beautiful moments for you if you simply slow down enough to allow them into your awareness. Quieting your mind long enough to sense your holdbacks, your soul tugs, and your inner knowing allows you to move forward.

It’s vitally important to that Expansive Life You Are Craving!

As for me, I slowed and I tuned in, now I can feel the breeze on my skin, connect to the fact that my body is ready for a snack, that my sex is alight, and also that I am truly happy with my life in this moment.

But it takes slowing down to even realize that…

That my moments are filled with JOY and EXCITEMENT!

~Recover Your Life~

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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