Last night I went to bed stoked for today!!

I had a day of self-pampering and play planned.
I was excited for a day of joy and transformation
I was truly like a kid on Christmas!!!

Last night I envisioned my day.
It would start with connecting with all you beautiful followers. Then spending time laughing with my nephews. And then off to get a total hair transformation. Ending the day with good moments of friendship.

Fast forward 7hrs later when my alarm went off…
Slightly dizzy.
Stomach roiling.

And my self-pampering day is forced into a day of self-care.

So I lie here looking out my window…
Snuggled under my warm blankies…
Contemplating a nap and feeling physically pretty gross.

Though strangely internally peaceful and happy!

There is a calmness in the air
There is a strange hope and feeling of cleansing
There is the knowledge of putting myself first today
There is also peace in just surrendering to how the day was meant to go despite my personal plans.

I might be feeling physically off but..

I don’t want to disregard the tree outside my window blowing in the wind and the sun that is illuminating my room.
I don’t want disregard a text from a loved one asking if I need anything
I don’t want to disregard the silence and the beauty in that silence
I don’t want to disregard my true desire to still connect with my followers today.
The desire that comes from a true desire to write and share…

Not from a place of have to or need too. Just from a place fo truly enjoying what I am blessed to get to do each day.

There are lessons in this day!

We often get so rigid in our plans and thoughts about how something should go, that we forget to surrender to the flow of what is happening in the present moment.

Missing out on where we are being guided and flowing with what is meant to come into our lives.

There are times when we tune into our core and we feel that we must push. We have that feeling that we must push and strive. It comes with a certainty even if an uncomfortable certainty.

These are those moments of soul aligned hustle.

But we know we must push in these moments just as when we are sick, we know that we must surrender to the resting of our physical bodies.

I could sit here whining and crying about all that my body is making me miss out on today… or I could appreciate what I have in this moment.

It is learning to appreciate where you are in the moment and find peace in it.

Not to say you don’t have desires… believe me… I still desire to get my hair done. Have a laughter filled day with friends and tons of play.

But I can rest in this moment know that it is perfect just the way it is.

So I challenge you today to look at everything in your life…
Your career
Your sex
Your relationship
Your finances
Your physical body

Perfect just the way it is.
Have your emotions about it…
But also feel and surrender to the lesson.
Knowing with certainty that it is all for your best interest.

Sending you…

Hopefully not my stomach bug but

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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