“I’m fine”
“I’ve forgiven”
“It doesn’t bother me”
“Don’t I look happy!!!!”
In our zeitgeist of hyper-positive spirituality that has been quickly growing and emerging over the last decade… we’ve created an issue where we are pretending to heal…

Oftentimes we are cut open….
Bleeding all over the place…
Trying to stick a bandage over everything…
But we are walking around pretending that we are “fine”
While the whole time we are creating a mess…
There is metaphorical blood everywhere because we continue to go about our lives. We continue to poke at the very places we are wounded….
Because we can’t sit in our truth and state…
“I’m hurt!, I have healing to do!”
We try to convince not jsut those around us but also ourselves that we are not hurt which is stopping the healing process.
We end up creating bigger and deeper wounds. Lasting damage. In our minds. In our bodies. In our energy. In our relationships. And everything that matter to us.
Many of us have lost the ability to own that we are still in a healing process and not quite done. That yes we are still wounded… and then take responsibility for healing our wounding.
This doesn’t mean that we are playing the victim or laying around and not taking action. Not owning our responsibility to heal ourselves, no matter what anyone else has “done to us”.
It means that we are brave and vulnerable enough to say…
“I’m still wounded here and need to be conscious of that”.
It means taking the time out to do the inner and outer work to step into that healing process. It’s approaching the world knowing that you are viewing things from a state of triage and not from a clear minded space.
When we deny our hurts, then we take away our authenticity, our humanness, and the integrity of our word to self and other. We buy into the fake so much that we don’t even realize where we are lying and where we are authentic.
We do deeper damage than if we just acknowledge the places we are not healed.
The places where we can be vulnerable and human with those in our lives and invite in help and understanding. The places where we can allow ourselves to not be perfect but be perfectly human. We cut off our spaces of learning and loving at a deeper level.
If we keep pretending that we are never hurt then we will never heal.
Just like a broken leg… if you keep walking on it and ignoring the pain, the inflammation, and insist its not broken… eventually you will either do deeper damage to the leg.
It will heal all wrong and you will have to go through all the pain again in order to have it re-broken.
The unhealed wounds will fester and infect our entire beings. Keeping us from being our best selves and living our most expansive lives.
Instead we could just choose to own where we are and then take the action and time to heal appropriately.
It will create less mess and a deeper connection withing self and with those others in your life. It will make you truly REAL!
And real is beautiful!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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