Stop Restricting Your LIFE!!

Time for a small. Okay maybe a huge… where you need a ladder and sh*t….soapbox. 

I love the holiday season. It fun. It’s bright. It’s shiny. And you see one of my favorite things all over the place…GLITTER!

Though another thing that I consistently hear and see is the constant talk of beginning the new year in a state of constriction

Wait, What? 

Yes! So many of our New Years Resolutions and things what we are planning and changes we are making come from a place of restriction. 

?”I’m not eating any sugar in 2019
?”I’m giving up sleep so I can get up and workout
?”Im going to stop drinking coffee

etc, etc, etc….

I think it hits me harder in the face the level of restriction we are placing on ourselves at the beginning of the year because many of these posts do have to do with diet/exercise and true food restriction. I spent years in an eating disorder and remember clearly this feeling on restriction. 

Though if you think you are just restricting yourself in one of these areas…like food… you are wrong!

If we place this level of lack and “can’t have” in our life in one arena then it WILL BLEED into our entire lives. We will see restriction in our sex, we will see restriction in our relationships, we will see restriction in our careers. 

I’ve actually put out whole courses just on this topic and spent years working in eating disorders and mental health on this exact issue. 

When we restrict in our lives… we shut down our flow!

Now I’m not saying don’t make changes now or in the upcoming year! 

Make changes! Change is required for growth in our lives. Though how are you looking at these changes?

Are you looking at your change in diet as not allowing yourself to have something? 
Are you looking at your change in exercise as a loss of something else that you enjoy?

Or are you looking at it as a gain and possibly (depending on the goal) as a little by little process?

I am getting and blessed to be able to wake up earlier in order to make my body feel better!
I feel empowered because I am changing my intake to match more of what my body wants to eat. 

Hear the difference?

When we bring that negative restrictive energy into our lives of can’t and taking from self then it permeated all we do. And I don’t know about you but I plan on 2019 being beautiful and abundant, NOT restrictive or constricted! 

While planning and plotting all your upcoming resolutions I ask that you look at what energy you are placing out there. Is it talk of restriction or is it talk of bringing more abundance and joy into your life. 

Also, as a side note… remember this upcoming resolution season that little eyes are watching and hearing. So if you think you HAVE TO restrict then this is the same message you are sending to your kiddos. 

Don’t send the message to any child that to totally restrict pleasure and joy is the only way to be happy. Don’t hyper focus on food, body, weight… I’ve watched a 10yr old girl die because of a NY Resolution she made! 

Kids learn by what you do…not what you are saying. 

Love, Light, & Blessings!~

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