Stop Calling Yourself A Wounded Healer
As humans we all sustain areas of wounding as we progress through life. Some are tasked with moving through great areas of contrasting life experience in order to grow and expand.
And many individuals feel called to help others that have similar wounds. That beautiful tug from soul to help another soul on their journey.

It is my belief that we are given these challenges as a gift to mold us into the compassion in order to do just that!!
But all that being said….
If you are still gravely wounded…
You can’t help anyone heal their wounds.
It has been common for people to call themselves wounded healers and I find great distaste with this label!
Because I’ve seen many a helping professional or lightworker cause more harm than good. Thinking that they can help someone out of the very hole they are stuck in and still deeply wounded. In truth, causing more HARM than good.
I remember when I was still a budding therapist in college and raging with an eating disorder, depression, and OCD… hearing my therapist at the time tell me that she would choose to lose her license rather than see me work with clients before I really got my shiz together.
And she was right!!!
I would have gone into things with the best of intentions but would have done more harm than to have helped. My thought process and headspace was not able to see the bigger picture.
And sadly I’m seeing more and more very wounded people try to become coaches and healer without first doing their own work. In truth, I don’t trust a coach that hasn’t been doing their own inner work and hasn’t had their own coaching/therapy of some kind.
When we are a “healer” then we are having to hold space for another. We are having to manage the deep projections that clients place on us without losing our cool or getting lost in them. We are having to see deeper than the actaul event or happening. We are having to reach down to a soul level from a connected and authentic place within self.
Now in truth…
We are all wounded in some way and there is no such thing as 100% healed or fixed when we are talking about the human programs and ego.
Any truly good healing professional knows that often what you are needing to work on will always show up in your clients… the Universe shows us through our clients different messages and areas of growth. And then we go do our “work”.
We heal our wounds and then we keep coming back to make sure they are doing alright, heal at a deeper level, and expand our lessons out.
Though if you aren’t at a place where you can really process your wounding… look your beautiful self in the eye… talk about your shadow self… and acknowledge the power of your ego… AND truly OWN the areas that you are still healing. Then you aren’t ready to help heal others at that greater level.
You can’t be going through triage yourself (in general or on a topic)… having anger and hatred flying, living inauthentically, deep in depression or mental illness, and be a steady connected presence for clients.
We have all had these moments as professionals. Our worlds don’t stop turning when we become a practitioner. Though we realize when we need guidance ourselves, need deeper healing work ourselves, and even if it gets bad enough where we potentially need to take a break.
But let’s stop giving the message that if you are deeply WOUNDED that you are in a great place to be a healer. You will ALWAYS have wounding!
Welcome to being a human being!
But let’s start talking about being the healer that is constantly healing instead of the constant wounding.
The healer that did great work and healed massive wounding within self and now knows a greater piece of the human experience and has greater compassion and love because of it. The healer that give clear and beautiful attention and space for clients because they have done their work.
Let’s own our dynamic power to HEAL and not just our pain bodies.
I am NOT a wounded healer.
I am a powerful, dynamic, and constantly healing and expanding healer!
I wish the same for you!
Step-into who you were meant to be TODAY.
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