You keep on telling the same old worn out story of your life. 
You keep sharing the same experiences that you claim “not to want” but yet you are getting “oh, so comfy cozy” using them to back up your beliefs. 

Keeping yourself stuck in those same beliefs and same life. 

You continue to validate you own ego of unworthiness, of disbelief, and of lack of faith in God by repeating the same old story. The story where you don’t have, can’t have, shouldn’t have, aren’t worthy of having, haven’t had, shouldn’t have…. the sex, the relationship, the money, the career, etc. 

This isn’t processing. This isn’t looking at your life to see where you can find new lessons to drive you forward or finding a new perspective on past situations. This isn’t finding new dots to connect that allow movement! 

No, this is sharing the story or actually the program that you have setup in your head. This is you keeping yourself safe from not having to feel the feelings when someone or something steps outside of that program. You might not desire it from a head level but some part of you is using it to feel good in the safety. 

No this is jumping into the muck of your stinking thinking and CHOOSING to stay there. Choosing to believe you can’t have all the beautiful abundance that is right beyond your grasp! And thus choosing not to have your hearts desires. 

You are looking for all the instances where you can validate your own programs but are dismissing all the times your programs are proved WRONG. The times when you do get the love, the sex, the relationship, the money, the career, or anything else. You dismiss, dismiss, dismiss because to acknowledge it would rattle your cage in some way. 

And guess what????

Those around you are sick and tired of hearing your same old story of programing. They don’t want to hear it anymore. They’ve heard it and don’t care! 

Yes, sorry, I know that feels harsh but it is the truth! 

You know it is!!!

You hear yourself verbalizing the same thing over and over again and even YOU are getting sick of your own bullsh*t. You could simply record yourself and continue to play it over again and save your own breath. 

But, But, But….

You’re talking about it because there is still a desire in your heart for it to be different. Which means it still can be different because you still have a flame burning. You can change that worn out story moving forward and choose different thoughts and a different focus. 

There are people all around you telling you it can be different. They share with you how they manifested the very desire you have burning in your heart. They share their path, which is not your path, but shows the proof that a path is possible. In this constantly connected world there is ALWAYS proof of desires coming true if you simply place your focus in the positive direction. 

You know the thoughts and so you know which thoughts need to be changed. You know your patterns. And goodness knows you know that story you have been retelling potentially all your life. Give it up. Just stop telling it!

Next time you begin to utter those same words whether in your head or out loud…. STOP. 

Yes, STOP. 

Choose a different story. Choose not to keep grinding into that reality. 

Or you might be like most people and you can choose to keep telling the same old story. Sitting in your rocking chair in old age and sharing why you never got the amazing relationship, sex, business, money, travel, career, etc. Telling the stories of all the places in your life where this story got validated over and over again… and missing out on all the beautiful places this same story could have been disproven. Where you could have taken the road less traveled. 

The road of letting go of the story and choosing the story you desire instead! 

Sending you all..

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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