Stop the chaotic energy and just stick with it! 

Recently I have been approached by several different people trying to push their mentors or “way of doing things” off on me for my business. 

Try this new scheme or that new scheme! Try this mentor or that mentor. 

I actually had a woman reach out to me and she wanted to “take me under her wing” and “clarify my message”. Told me I needed to change things up with my mentors. And completely change my business to make it “work”.

I literally laughed out loud! Like ROFL type of LOL!

I am my fucking message and I don’t need clarified!
I’m not butter ?

This other coach is super inauthentic, doesn’t show up consistently, and has a really low-vibe energy. Maybe she is magnetic to others but she bores the hell out of me. But I can respect that others are drawn to her for different reasons… like my video stated yesterday, we aren’t tacos and aren’t for everyone!

I have amazing mentors that I have chosen purposely because my soul aligns with how they approach things and I get EXCITED when I see their messages come through via email or social media. They support me being 100% authentically me. 

They are not for everyone but they have helped me gain huge strides in my business! And in truth they don’t come at their business with a chaotic energy of jumping from thing to thing. 

Funnily enough, I have noticed a similar energy of clients wanting to jump from thing to thing in regards to growth practices over the last few weeks.

Thinking that THIS… mentor, meditation, journaling question, or even sex position will alter their entire life. Like it will be a magic wand.
The problem being that they try that mentor, mediation practice, journaling, or sex position for about half a second. 

And surprise, surprise… it doesn’t work. 

The reason it isn’t working is because the energy is too chaotic. There is not a listening to the soul to see what resonants and what doesn’t. 

There is ZERO commitment!!! 

Can something or someone create drastic changes in your life?… YES! 
Does it necessarily have to take a ton of time?…NO!

But there is required to be a dropping in. There needs to be an alignment. And you need to stick with it for more than half a second to allow it to truly blossom. 

When you choose to jump from thing, to thing ,to thing, to thing… oh yeah and to even more things, then the truth is you never allow yourself to settle into the real work. 

You don’t see immediate results and you give up on yourself and you continue to create a pattern of giving up on self and your dreams. 

Now, sometimes we truly feel called to something new or making changes to your current situation. I frequently will look at my life practices and add new things and let go of the old. Just to keep life fresh and myself growing. 

From a business standpoint I am also frequently looking at what is working and not working. I will tune into other people’s content in order to see if anyone stirs up new inspiration or magnetism. 

There is a huge difference between saying plugged into your life and having chaotic frantic energy. 

Your frantic energy of chasing, hunting, and grasping is pushing you further and further from success… in any area you desire. Your inability, and yes I really do mean inability, to stick with anything tells me that you will fail! 

People that create true change in their lives find what is aligned and then commit to what needs to be done. They don’t run off every time that something shiny and new crosses their path or something gets difficult. 

The problem isn’t with changing directions.
The problem isn’t with finding something new.
The problem isn’t with tweaking a practice.

These can all be healthy! 

The problem is with your chaotic energy!!!!!

Your blessings and alignment can’t keep up with you because you are never surrendering to it and never committing to anything. And unfortunately your life shows it. You look behind you to a scattered path of forgotten dreams, goals, desires, that never came to fruition because you were manic in your energy. 

You DO have some amazing ideas. You DO have the ability to create real deep change in your life. You DO have the power. You DO have the knowledge. 

But what you don’t have is the trust in yourself and the Universe to just f*cking stick with your path. 

So excuse me while I stand in my alignment and listen to the people that are actaully successful and doing their work. Not your half-ass fake vibing mentors & half-baked growth practices. 

I’ll be over here making shit happen while you continue to bounce all over the place. And my soul-mate clients that wish to remain my clients will be doing the same thing. 

Have fun in crazy land! 

Let me know if you ever choose to settle your ass down and really commit to what you desire!

Love, Light, & Blessings