“I have this, ‘thing’ sexually”, he tells me over a nice dinner.
So, I inquired….
“Well what is your ‘thing’ then?”
Then he glances at the table for a millisecond and then straight into my eyes, “I get really turned on by kicking my subs with steel-toed boots while they are on the ground. I try to be careful not to break any ribs”. Read more

The energy is hawt!!!

The orgasmic wave is both sexual and energetic. My hands are shaking, my body quivering, and my genitals are aching for more.

It is a glorious place to be. The receiving mode and dropping into TRUE orgasm.

Two different but yet beautifully conscious men.

Focusing in on me at different times.

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The Splendor Of Fantasy

It’s late in the evening, and I’m walking with two of my lovers as the light, balmy breeze blows my hair. I look up and feel deeply connected to the moon and breathe it into my being. As we walk, I give one of my lovers a gentle hug, and then I lean sweetly into the other with an affectionate nudge. They tell me how gorgeous I look and how sexy I am in my flowy dress that cuts up my leg perfectly and makes me look like a true Goddess. Read more

Women Owning Their Sexuality!

Recently I was digging through some of my old college papers and came across a project I had completed for Psychology of Sexuality course years prior. I literally started rolling around on the floor laughing as I looked through this particular project because of the absurdity of some of the statements I made regarding sex, desire, and topics such as cybersex, pornography, and BDSM. In the paper, I talked about how I did not believe that I needed or wanted sex. I explained that I felt like sex was a great thing to do if you wanted to have kids or find a quick method to relieve stress. I claimed I thought that a man calling a woman a whore, slut, or bitch during sex was demoralizing and never appropriate and that it was not something I could ever consider a turn-on in my life. And years later I have to laugh when I think that all of the above are things that I thoroughly enjoy in my life. Sexting can be fun and playful. Porn can add a lot of spice to a boring night. And sometimes it’s nice to have my lovers get a little rougher during sex in the midst of a safe and trusting relationship.

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Sexual Self-Discovery

The lights are low and my breath is heavy. I have a sweet merlot sitting on the table next to a glowing candle that flickers with the heat of passion. The back of a hand touches my cheek and then runs down my collarbone. Ripples of pleasure run down my belly. Then those same hands swirl around my areola while the other softly pinches, tugs, and twists at my other nipple. Read more