I love C*Ck!

I love the soft skin that feels like silk
I love the edges and ridges
I love the way it has a mind of it’s own
I love the responsiveness
I love the taste!

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Women Owning Their Sexuality!

Recently I was digging through some of my old college papers and came across a project I had completed for Psychology of Sexuality course years prior. I literally started rolling around on the floor laughing as I looked through this particular project because of the absurdity of some of the statements I made regarding sex, desire, and topics such as cybersex, pornography, and BDSM. In the paper, I talked about how I did not believe that I needed or wanted sex. I explained that I felt like sex was a great thing to do if you wanted to have kids or find a quick method to relieve stress. I claimed I thought that a man calling a woman a whore, slut, or bitch during sex was demoralizing and never appropriate and that it was not something I could ever consider a turn-on in my life. And years later I have to laugh when I think that all of the above are things that I thoroughly enjoy in my life. Sexting can be fun and playful. Porn can add a lot of spice to a boring night. And sometimes it’s nice to have my lovers get a little rougher during sex in the midst of a safe and trusting relationship.

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