Feel the energy. 

Each of us has a unique energy that is wholly unique to us. This energy leaves fingerprints throughout our lives even if it’s not visible. 

Our energies at our cores are high-vibe and have a beauty beyond measure. At our cores we are pure untarnished love. Though throughout our lives our energy will resettle.

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Yesterday… and actually into the wee hours of this morning I was working on a task I had happily agreed to do for a friend. 

In the middle of the task I found myself overcome with joy for this person and for being able to witness their growth, and really more transformation. It was an incredibly powerful moment and one that spoke so boldly of the human spirit… and specifically this beautiful resilient spirit. I felt honored to watch the transformation! 

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OMG!!! Why is this playing again??
I love the song but over the last week it has haunted me!

😯 I’m out on a date….
🎢 “Bring your secrets, bring your scars” 🎢
😯 Driving home from seeing clients
🎢 “Bring your glory, all you are” 🎢
😯 Streaming a random playlist on shuffle
🎢 “Bring your daylight, bring your dark” 🎢
😯 In a store shopping
🎢 “Share your silence, And unpack your heart” 🎢

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So, there are relationships in your life that are damaged? That still are worth the effort to you to spend the time healing, but you don’t know how! You don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water but at the same time you can see the cracking or crumbled destruction around you.

The truth is that we all find ourselves at some point in a place in a relationship where we know the relationship needs some healing, whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a relationship with a child or family member. In truth the deepest relationships in our lives can be the most gratifying but also the ones that wound us and require the most healing. Read more