Men tell me all the time that they wish their wife, girlfriend, or a woman they desire to pull into their life was a β€œGoddess”, confident, sensual, and living her life β€˜out loud’. Usually one of the first questions I ask them if they are sure they truly know what they are asking for and if they are the kind of man that can handle a Goddess. Read more

Whether I am working with my clients, talking to friends and family, or doing my own personal work, one thing we at some point must see is how our relationships are our mirrors. There are mirrors that make us smile with joy at the beauty within. There are mirrors that make us shameful, fearful, and angry. There are mirrors that we try to cover up and mirrors that we cling too but in the end all our relationships mirror us in some way.

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Orgasm Blame Game

It’s early evening when I receive the text, and I am relaxing outside and trying to get some work done. I see the name, and I am immediately intrigued because it is rare these days that I see this name on my phone screen. He wants to come over for a little while, and I know that he has plans beyond just chatting. I sit, staring at my phone for a few minutes, pondering my options. On the one hand, I know that I really need and desire some focused attention. On the other hand, I have some major emotional blocks with him right now and am still holding a traumatic event in my body. I have the choice to lean into the vulnerable here or to shut down and completely shut him out. I finally decide to step into vulnerability and see if I can allow my own opening with his help. Read more

🍲πŸ₯‘πŸ₯¦I pop something in the microwave to stay warm as I am cooking. I begin thinking back over my day. 🍲πŸ₯‘πŸ₯¦

I think about how it has truly been a microwave type of day!

Everyone wanting results NOW but not willing to put in the work.Β 
I can vividly see the face of one consult as I told him that three minutes of penetration with his woman isn’t going to cut it for her orgasm and that actually he needs to be spending 20-40 mins on her prior to any penetration!