😑Your ego is screaming….”this doesn’t make sense”… and it’s pissed!!
😑Your friends, family and society is yelling at you….”that isn’t responsible/logical/smart”…and they shake their heads at you.
😑Your bank account is crying…”what have you done to me”…and it is constantly knocking at your door with reminders

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βœ”οΈThose moments when you make a mess of it all and have to face your shadows
βœ”οΈThose moments when you wish you could rewind time an hour, a week, months prior and make alterations
βœ”οΈThose moments that are so earth shaking that you find yourself suddenly awake when you never realized you were asleep
βœ”οΈThose moments of confusion when you are shaky and uncertain
βœ”οΈThose moments that you want to rip your chest open to get to the aching heart beating inside your chest

Softening Into The Universe

I have spent the last two weeks in a pile of books. I have read books on sex, on Tantra, on advanced energy techniques, on the human body, on spirit, etc. Honestly, my brain feels like it’s going to explode!

The thing that struck me as I read all of these different books is that everything all came down to simply softening into the Universe. If you want better sex then you have to soften, otherwise you will be unable to connect and experience. If you choose not to soften then you will cut off portions of your experiences, and then you will truly miss out. If you want to feel your energy and/or help others move energy the key is not to grip your mind or clench onto the energy – otherwise you will lose that fragile connection. Instead you are supposed to soften into it. These same concepts apply to spirit, tantric techniques, and dare I say life.

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